Sports fans react to Kim Kardashian on the cover of ‘Sports Illustrated’

Sports illustrated The famous faces appearing on the cover of their 2022 swimwear issue have just been revealed and some people are not satisfied with one of their choices. Many have branded the decision to keep the magazine Kim Kardashian Disappointing on the cover.

Kardashian celebrates on cover of ‘Sports Illustrated’: ‘We have a bucket list moment for billionaires’

“Kim. Kardashian,” AndA photo caption of Kardashian’s cover has been given on its Instagram account. “Yeah, you’re well dressed. Mogul, sister, friend and damn good mom – #KimKardashian is here to break the internet (again!) You’ve seen Kim in every other cover, but SI swimsuit first and we don’t want to brag, but we’re billionaires” A bucket list moment for entrepreneurs. “

Fans have called Kardashian’s cover “embarrassing” and “disastrous.”

Many have preferred the reality star’s glamorous shots in nude bikinis, leaving flames and heart-eye emojis. But others were not happy with the magazine’s choice. “It’s embarrassing,” one wrote. “After all, you’re working every day to show regular women who are incredible. What are you doing? Alas.”

Another slapped And To put Kardashian on the cover after her Met Gala dieting controversy: “Incredibly disappointed. All in all what SI has done over the years for women, empowerment and body positivity I am disappointed to see Kim on the cover, especially after her recent controversy over Marilyn’s dress and How proud she was of herself trying to stay hungry and diet. Fits the dress. She does not reflect the physical positivity and acceptability of SI over the last few years and it does all the efforts that SI has put in and left you behind. “

The editor of ‘Sports Illustrated’ defended the cover

Although there are a lot of people who are crazy about the decision to put Kardashian on the cover of the magazine, AndIts editor-in-chief, MJ Day, is in favor of his decision. “There are many points in his life where he could just crawl under a rock and cross the world by himself and just have a comfortable life,” he explained.

“But he’s going to develop himself and prove everyone wrong who doesn’t want to allow him and do nothing more, and inevitably, he’s doing more for all of us,” Day added. “I applaud it with every ounce of my fiber.”

“She has failed more than once. He could have left, but he didn’t. And it was very public, his failure, “the day is over.” He just continued [persist]Even in the light of any kind of negativity. I really stand for it, for example, I really appreciate it. “

While many are frustrated with the magazine they see as promoting an unhealthy body image, it is clear that Sports illustrated He is adamant in his decision and holds Kardashian as one to be admired.

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