Steve Harvey’s daughter comments over 1,200 calories

Laurie HarveyTV host’s daughter Steve HarveyShe recently shared her ways to lose 15 pounds of “relationship weight” after starting dating her current boyfriend. Michael B. JordanBut some experts are warning others to stay away from following his extreme methods. Some have even compared Laurie’s diet plan to a diet more appropriate for a young child.

Laurie Harvey’s Diet Controversy

Steve Harvey’s model daughter Laurie has gone viral for all the wrong reasons in her recently uploaded TickTock video. In the short video, Laurie explains that she’s starring Michael B. She gained about 15 pounds after starting dating Jordan, then surpassed the way she lost weight.

Laurie Harvey wears a black dress on the red carpet at the Met Gala
New York, New York – May 02: Laurie Harvey joins the 2022 Met Gala to celebrate “America: The Anthology of Fashion” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City on May 02, 2022. (Photo by Mike Coppola / Getty Images)

During the time she kept the “weight of the relationship,” Laurie described it as “terrible,” adding that “none of my clothes fit.” The methods that Laurie used to lose weight and achieve her current, very toned body are controversial. He said he limited himself to a maximum of 1,200 calories a day, most of which consisted of “meat and vegetables and minimal carbohydrates.”

He works five to six times a week, often twice a day. He described an average day for him to go to Pilates in the morning before a sprint break or an afternoon hike. A dietitian, therefore, spoke to Ebito, Insider, and warned that this heavily restricted diet and aggressive exercise regimen carries many dangers.

Tick ​​tock video that sparked scandal

First, the dietitian said that for an adult woman to eat 1,200 calories a day is almost not enough food, especially considering the amount of exercise she did at that time. According to research, an average of 3-4 year olds need 1,200 calories per day.

Eating so little can put someone at risk for malnutrition, laziness, headaches and dizziness and much more. “He is indirectly encouraging people who want to maintain a similar body weight or body to adopt a diet that is sustainable and not restrictive,” Ebitay explained. This is particularly worrying because TickTock is home to many young users who may be impressed by their appreciation for mimicking Laurie’s limited lifestyle without fully knowing the risks.

Commenting on the video, Laurie seemed to be upset and mentioned, “This is what worked for me and my body before you started. “Hopefully, there aren’t people who try to follow Laurie’s diet without first hearing her warnings that her methods aren’t for everyone.”

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