Steve Martin’s father reacted harshly to his first ‘SNL’ hosting gig

Most parents would be very proud of a child that scored a spot hosting Live Saturday night. However, for Steve MartinIt was a little difficult to get his father’s approval. Did you know that the comedian’s father actually gave his son the look? SNL An unfavorable review?

Martin’s father called the show “the scariest thing on television.”

Martin often appeared on late night comedy sketch shows and his hosting gigs were one of the most anticipated episodes. SNL. The comedian actually holds the record for most time hosting a show SNL 15 times and make an additional 10 appearances. Although not everyone was a fan. After his appearance on the show, Martin’s father, Glenn, decided to write a review of the episode in his company’s newsletter.

Glenn wrote that his son SNL The episode “did nothing to advance his career.” Although it may not be a personal slam against Martin. Her father wrote, “I think so Live Saturday night The scariest thing on television. “He seemed to hate the episode, no matter who was hosting it.

Her complex relationship with her father

While this story is funny, it shows the difficulties that Martin and his parents have had in relation to each other over the years. The comedian often talks about how different the two were and how it made their relationship harder. According to Martin, his father was very serious and strict disciplinary. Meanwhile, Martin was there to make people laugh, and not take things too seriously.

Time to attend Howard Stern Show, Martin talks about his childhood and his relationship with his father. “First of all, my view of my childhood was that I was very happy,” Martin explained. “And then I realized later that I was happy internally with friends and school as a child, but maybe not so happy at home. I didn’t realize that there was an alternative lifestyle that other people grew up in a very happy home. However, it was not terrible at all, it was that I had a complicated relationship with my father. “

Although Martin’s father was not always a fan, he and his son reunited later in life. “He was a fan, he would answer fan mails for me and he was an enthusiast,” Martin said. It seems that Martin’s father soon came close to what the whole world was saying: Steve Martin was undoubtedly funny and popular with the public.

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