Surprise Joe Frost’s wonderful take on Prince Louis’s jubilee behavior

The queen and the rest of the royal family celebrated their platinum jubilee earlier this month, but a young prince stole the ceremony. Prince Louis Her depressed facial expressions and headlines made her unable to sit still, but the pediatrician and Not superhero Star Joe Frost Protecting his behavior.

Frost defends Louis: ‘I believe little Prince Louis behaved extraordinarily well’

“Regardless of what the press seems to be doing today, I believe little Prince Louis behaved remarkably well over the whole weekend of spectacular pomp!” Frost captioned a photo of Louis and his mother Kate Middleton when he tried to settle her down. Frost has worked with kids since the age of 18 and took on some of the toughest kids in the world while on the UK reality show.

He continued, “Sitting, watching and getting organized, most children cannot sit at the dining table for more than 15 minutes in their chair. For this little chap it was certainly pretty irresistible especially during any play and in the long run, the kids are going to take the test, as one should expect. We’ve all been entertained by this little boy’s character, a great sense of humor, a strong will and, of course, a very sensitive spirit in my professional opinion. “

The ‘Supernanny’ star will also be praised for her ‘impressive’ parenting and Kate

“I am even more fascinated by how the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have become such an impressive parenting role model for our modern parents, they are open about their own struggles as parents and continue to try to act like all parents there. To nurture their youth.” The best, ”Frost went on.

“Katherine has never shied away from giving her children a fair go, and this is a sign of a confident parent who is able to meet the needs of her children sympathetically as well as understand the situation. I hope every parent’s confidence is understood in such a way that our children can grow up with healthy boundaries, be seen and heard. ” Not superhero Star Conclusion.

Catherine of Britain, Duchess of Cambridge, (L) and Prince Louis of Cambridge (R) of Britain joined the Platinum Pageant in London on June 5, 2022 (Photo by Frank Augustine / Pool / AFP) (via Frank Augustine / Pool / AFP) Getty Images)

While some have criticized the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for not being able to control their youngest son better, most people find his photos and videos ridiculous. Parents of young children may relate to Middleton’s struggle to keep Louis calm and in his seat during the ceremony. Frost is one of many who sympathize with Middleton’s struggle to keep Louis in check during the jubilee celebrations.

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