Suspicious experts say Princess Charlene refused to let Albert touch her

Is Princess Charlene Refuses to allow Prince Albert Even to touch him? A report says Monaco’s royal family’s relationship has become so cold that he can’t even hold his hand in public. Here’s what we know.

‘Fragile Charlene Albert Shuts Down’

According to Globe, Charlene looks unhappy next to her cheating husband. A body language expert studied their appearance at the Moroccan Grand Prix, and apparently, he is using his handbag as a barrier against physical contact. “Albert seems to be walking in front of her and carrying her bag between them seems to have blocked any touch,” the expert said.

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Although Albert had no contact, Charlene seemed to be incredibly friendly with Max Verstappen and Sebastian Vettel. Tensions between Charlene and Albert have been reported for some time, and she recently returned from a 10-month tour of South Africa for treatment. While away, news of Albert’s alleged third love child made international news.

The body language expert says Charlene has pain in her face. Her “eyes were dull and sad and her smile did not suggest real happiness,” they say. Other insiders believe that Charlene is only hanging out for her kids because she was openly affectionate with them.

What’s going on with Charlene and Albert?

It took about ten seconds to find a picture of Albert and Charlene holding hands in the Formula One race. It’s easy to find shots of laughter. For his dull eyes, it is noticeable that he has sunglasses on his head and Albert has a hat. It was obviously a sunny day, so it was easier to look down than above.

Charlene has had a rough year, and it’s not getting any better. Just a week after the Monaco Grand Prix, he tested positive for COVID-19. She needs to focus on her health because she also works with gossip about her marriage. A tabloid even claimed that Charlene would die last month, but she is still with us.

We don’t know what Charlene and Albert do behind closed doors, but we’re not ready to trust the body language experts either. These people only look at still images and draw exclusively to wild conclusions. The two may not be in great condition at the moment, but Charlene is not like a prisoner. For millionaires, divorce is an option.

Bad Princess Charlene Gossip

In 2021, d Globe Albert and Charlene claim to be divorced, yet they are still married. Earlier, Charlene was expected to flee with the children. He’s still in Monaco with the kids, so these stories were absolutely ridiculous. These sources obviously have no real insight into the royal family and they want to make dramas to sell magazines.

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