Suspicious insider says e! The network is supposedly floundering after Ryan Sext

What! Struggling to stay relevant after losing multiple famous faces? A tabloid claim Ryan SecrestIts recent departure sent the network spiraling. Here’s what we know.

E! ‘Crying’ without Ryan?

This week, National Investigator Report that e! The network is now terrified that Ryan Sext and Giuliana have jumped on the Ransick ship. According to the article, its news team from the network is considered outsourcing Access Hollywood. “Daily Pop And Knightley Pop There are many difficulties, they will be with many more successful Access Hollywood, Which is broadcast on the sister network NBC, ”a tipstar food. Before signing off, the source further notes that another major exit from the network did not help. “Another problem is e! I lost to Kim Kardashian, “said Snitch.

E! Danger after leaving high profile?

Looking at the claims, it seems that the magazine has raised a red flag in some way. Cicrest bid farewell to the network in February and the drop in viewership was negligible. On a steady fall across the cable rating board and e! Not surprisingly, their ratings have dropped dramatically since Seckrest’s departure.

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But it is no secret that the network is changing. It was inevitable that at some point the channel would have to be transformed into a new generation. The Kardashians are gone after 20 seasons and Ryan Sext is gone after 14 years of hosting. E! ‘S live from the red carpet. None of these developments really surprised me. In fact, after Secrest announced his departure, eh! Released a heartfelt statement:

“[Seacrest] Some of the biggest nights in Hollywood have been instrumental in giving viewers a front row seat. We are extremely grateful for her many contributions and she will always be a part of it! Family. “So, we don’t see the horror network that the magazine is describing in its article. Will viewers miss watching Secret? Absolutely. But is this channel the end of a full blown crisis? Absolutely not.

Ryan is tabloid in Secret

It is clear that National Investigator There it is for Ryan Seacrest. Last year, the outlet claimed that Secrest was terrified of a so-called “man boob nightmare.” The magazine has since claimed that fans of Secrest were worried about her health after revealing her “extreme” diet. And more recently, the publication has alleged that Secrest’s girlfriend was upset after his ex moved near her. It would be irresponsible to trust it Investigator Concerned Seacrest anywhere.

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