Suspicious insiders claim Ellen DeGeneres is apparently begging for a boycott of friends

Is Ellen DeGeneres Really trying to get down Kelly Clarkson? A report says that now the retired talk show host is asking his friends not to go Kelly Clarkson show. Is DeGeneres really planning revenge on his couch? Gossip Cop Investigates

‘Ellen Un-Genres!’

According to National Investigator, The designers are using the power they have left in Hollywood to bring down Clarkson. Before DeGeneres flees to Africa to see gorillas, she tells her high-profile friends like Jennifer Aniston and Kim Kardashian to avoid Clarkson’s talk shows.

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“Ellen is still teasing and bullying some very strong guys and telling them that Kelly is out of her depths and she’s willing to bet on falling flat on her face,” said one insider. DeGeneres apparently plans to return to Los Angeles with a big and good talk show, so he wants to hurt Clarkson as much as possible.

A sesame claims that the designers are upset for Clarkson’s good reputation. Toxic workplace allegations insulted DeGeneres’ standing with the public, but Clarkson did not face any such drama. “It burns her that Kelly is lined up as this Little Miss Wonderful, while she’s hung up to dry,” Moll reveals. Another source suggests DeGeneres simply needs to move on: “Ellen needs to reduce her losses and Kelly needs to stop.”

Where’s Ellen DeGeneres?

Contrary to this report, the designers are not in Los Angeles at all. He and Portia de Rossi fled to Turkey to start a long and enjoyable vacation. The two should soon move to Africa where de Rossi is planning to give them a birthday present in the form of a gorilla sanctuary. It seems certain Clarkson is the last thing on his mind.

Although no one knows what the future holds for designers, Gossip Cop Seriously doubts that he will retire from his show just to return to another morning talk show. Why bother leisure he’s just going to come back? It looks like this tabloid is desperate for drama, so it is building the reputation of Clarkson and DeGeneres against each other.

If DeGeneres came down on Clarkson, he did a great job of hiding it. He hasn’t said a word about his successor in a while, so there’s no way to prove hostility in the first place.

Gossip the other day

Last year, the outlet claimed that Ellen DeGeneres could not get guests off. Less than a year later, he has enough power to prevent guests from suddenly coming to Clarkson. These two stories are completely inconsistent, so you shouldn’t believe them.

This is not the first time Investigator DeGeneres and Clarkson have fought against each other. It claims that Clarkson won the battle of the day. It claims Drew is also insulting Barrymore’s designers. These stories weren’t accurate and it proves just how desperate this tabloid drama is. Designers are quietly enjoying a beautiful holiday, so this story is a lie.

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