Suspicious rumors claim Jennifer Aniston has abandoned the longtime celebrity

Did Jennifer Aniston And Chelsea Handler Have a fall out? A tabloid claims that famous friends no longer talk to each other. Here is what we know about their alleged conflict.

Jennifer Aniston ‘spoke hard’ with ex-husband?

Per National Investigator, Jennifer Aniston and Chelsea Handler split. Although the sources may not necessarily pinpoint what happened between the former bestsellers, they are sure Aniston and Handler no longer communicate. A rat dish – “There was no big fight or an explosive event.” “No one knows what happened between the two of them, but once Jane allows you to enter her inner circle, you’re there for life – unless something happens. Apparently, Chelsea said something Jane didn’t like!

Chelsea handler dissatisfied Jennifer Aniston?

So, aren’t Chelsea Handler and Jennifer Aniston talking anymore? Well, the truth is we don’t really know. But, really, there’s nothing weird about it. Handler and Aniston are adult women who lead very busy lives. We don’t know every little detail of their personal lives, and we shouldn’t expect that. But just because they haven’t been seen together doesn’t mean there’s any drama.

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Surprisingly, this is the first time a tabloid has pushed such a story. In fact, magazines have been speculating about Handler and Aniston’s friendship for years now. Whenever they go somewhat without public connection, the tabloids start sounding “conflict” alarms. And then, when they see each other again, the tabloids shake together a story about how they corrected.

And in 2019, Handler said in an interview that, despite the rumors, he and Aniston were still tough. “We! We! Don’t read those magazines! Don’t believe anything!” Handler insisted. “We are friends. Don’t worry … I love Jane. “

Although they haven’t posted any joint appearances or social media together in a while, we have no reason to believe they are still not friends. But, it is also entirely possible that they have been separated for years — their friendship will not be the only isolated COVID-19 epidemic. But we are not buying this story about their alleged fall.

The Tabloid on Jennifer Aniston

Of course, we know better than to believe National Investigator Anywhere Aniston worries. Last year, the outlet report Cake The star was avoiding “disrespectful” Jimmy Kimmel. The magazine then claims that Aniston expects to earn $ 10 million in his estimated upcoming memoir. And then the publication complained that Aniston was rejected by two of his exes last year. Apparently, the Investigator We want to go to the last place to update Aniston’s social life.

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