Suspicious rumors say that Matt Loire is apparently running out of money thanks to the newcomer

Is Matt Lauer Breaking up? A tabloid claims that her divorce and luxurious lifestyle are burning her for money. Let’s check on the insult Today Anchor

Matt Lauer in ‘Serious Cash Crunch’?

This week, National Investigator Matt Lauer has reportedly been in financial trouble since his divorce from Annette Rock. And now that she’s dating evangelist Shamin Abas, sources say that whatever is left of her money goes to keep her happy. “Matt’s savings are dwindling and he’s trying to retain his most valuable assets even if he hits,” said an insider. “But Shamin prefers to live a higher life and this is an obstacle in the way of reducing his expenses.”

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But on the contrary, his public relations guru girlfriend can help restore his public image. “It will take a lot of skimming to get people back in good graces, but Matt is sure he can do it with Shamin,” Tipster whispered. “She has a lot of PR acquaintances, and that’s another reason why she’s desperate to hold on to him, even when she’s dry.”

Matt Lauer breaking in on the return?

Anytime the tabloids claim a family name, disrespectful or not, breaking down, you can almost bet they aren’t. In the case of Matt Lauer, it is true that his divorce was costly. But the truth is, whether the 20 million divorce is settled or not, he is still far from bankrupt. According to a Lawyer estimate, the former anchor is still worth an estimated $ 80 million after her divorce.

Now, we don’t know what the “expensive taste” of accommodation is, but we would be surprised if they put out so much cash. Also, as People As recently reported, the residence laurel does not need money. “He is a dedicated businessman who loves to work. He is independent and has created a beautiful life for himself, “a source close to the residence told the outlet. So, no, looking at all the information this story doesn’t seem to be the least believable.

More cash-strapped celebrities

This is not the first time National Investigator Falsely reported that a celebrity was fighting financially. Last year, the outlet reported that Wendy Williams was breaking up after losing her show. The magazine then claimed that Katie Holmes was in financial trouble and was regretting divorcing Tom Cruise. And perhaps the publication’s favorite target for this story is Angelina Jolie, who is constantly denounced by the story that she’s breaking up. Apparently, the Investigator Celebrities are not really tuned with money.

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