Suspicious Rumors That Britney Spears Celebrity Crush Apparently Annoyed Sam Asghari

Is Britney Spears Crushing another famous singer? A tabloid claim Sam Asgari Not happy with his wife’s latest flirtation. Let’s check the newlyweds.

Spears angry ‘controlling’ Sam Asgari?

This week, National Investigator The report says that Britney Spears is crushing pop singer Justin Bieber severely and Sam Asgari is not happy about it. The “circus” singer recently went on Instagram to remind me of his first meeting with Bieber. “I remember when you went to see me in my dressing room on the tour and your beautiful little mom came over and said ‘Do you know where a tanning bed is?’ You were 15 and you were adorable! Thank you for your music … you are a constant talent and I will always dance to your music. “

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And sources say Spears’ post was not so innocent. “Britney has been secretly crushed on Justin for years,” admits one rat. “She thinks she’s as sexy as hell and one of the most talented stars of her generation. He listened to her music for hours and looked at the hottest photos he could find. In her mind, they are cousins, and she’s pressuring Sam to arrange a double date with Hailey. But that’s highly unlikely because Sam is a pretty deserving guy at best. It would be too much for Brittany to see Bibas being personally distracted in public!

Britney Spears ‘threatening’ Justin Bieber?

This report is as crude as it is meaningless. First, rely on Spears ’post interpretation. But, on the surface, the scream didn’t really sound flirty. Interestingly, in the only sentence the tabloid omitted from his post, he compared Bieber to his boys. “You’re a little devil now … I know because I have a son,” Spears wrote. If he had really shot his shot at the pop singer, he probably wouldn’t have made such a comparison.

Moreover, Spears has just tied the knot with Asgari. We have no reason to believe that Asgari is a “regulator” or “official” and that these harmful, baseless claims against him are completely unnecessary. It is clear that the person who wrote this story is not a friend of Britney Spears.

Also, Spears is dealing with a much more serious issue than the alleged crush on a married singer. Spears recently revealed that she had suffered an abortion, which is undoubtedly a serious emotional setback. And as he prepares to write a memoir detailing the horrors of his conservation, his father and former conservator Jamie Spears is pushing for his removal. In hindsight, this magazine’s silly story seems to be the least of her and Asgari’s concerns at the moment.

Britney Spears in tabloids

Of course, we know better than we believe National Investigator Wherever Britney Spears is concerned. A few days ago, the outlet reported that Spears was pressuring the FBI to question her ex-husband. The magazine then claims that Spears’ leaked bedroom tapes have been leaked. And the publication recently complained that Spears has become a health scare with her “hungry diet”. Apparently, the Investigator Not looking for Britney Spears.

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