Suspicious source says Drew Barrymore is clearly ‘comfortable’ with former co-star A

Is Drew Barrymore Trying to set up a date with an old friend? A tabloid has claimed that the actress is keeping an eye on her former co-star. Here’s what we know about rumored romance.

Following Drew Barrymore’s unexpected A-lister?

A recent version Women’s Day Reportedly Drew Barrymore has his spectacular set on his old Poison Ivy Co-star Leonardo DiCaprio. Barrymore recently posted a throwback photo of DiCaprio at the 2010 Golden Globe Awards with the caption, “Hey Leo! I didn’t know you were on my watch! I’ve loved you since I was seen on set as a teenager. Poison Ivy! Lately in my life I have been thinking this belief, ‘Keep it better than you found it,’ it can be a perfect summary of you! We are all good to have you on earth! And on this planet. “

And sources say Barrymore’s friends are joking about his flirtation post, but are finally supporting it. An interior dish “Drew’s friends are teased over what a shameless flirty post.” “And he is not ashamed of it. Drew thought he had been a complete stranger ever since they met as teenagers. He jokes that his movies have made his career, so he can at least buy a drink for a girl!

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But Tipster added that Barrymore isn’t just fishing for romance. “He’s hoping that his boastful Instagram game for Leo could actually take him somewhere better, though,” Snitch said. “She likes the idea of ​​teaming up with him again for a rum-com … they’ll be the perfect pair.”

Was Drew Barrymore flirting with DiCaprio?

Here’s the thing: Drew Barrymore’s post was completely random and people read it as completely flirtatious. Certainly not, but we have no reason to believe that he is really pursuing any kind of romance with DiCaprio. As far as we know, it’s just a joke, albeit random, screaming for an old co-star that he clearly appreciates.

Moreover, it is public knowledge that DiCaprio has been dating Camilla Morron since 2017. As far as DiCaprio is concerned, it’s clear that nothing serious is going to come out of an Instagram post. So, there’s no reason to consider it a real attempt to follow DiCaprio – who, on the one hand, has not publicly dated anyone over the age of 25 until Moron’s 25th birthday earlier this month.

And finally, the source’s comment about DiCaprio and Barrymore possibly starring in a romantic comedy was swiped directly from the comments section of Barrymore’s Instagram page. In that post, one user wrote, “I still think you should take her to do a romantic comedy with you. Her female audience and you will love it too !!!!!”

It is clear that the magazine only wanted to spice up Barrymore’s boastful post with a false “internal” testimony. While Barrymore has some celebrity crush, there’s no reason to get caught up in it. Barrymore is a single mom who kept surprisingly open about how difficult it was to this day. So, his idea of ​​publicly following one of Hollywood’s most famous men seems to be the most bizarre.

The tabloid on Leonardo DiCaprio

Of course, we will not believe Women’s Day To report accurately where Leonardo DiCaprio is concerned. The tabloid reported not once, but twice that Camilla Morron was pregnant with the actor’s child. The magazine then claims that DiCaprio and Morron were engaged. And more recently, the publication complained that DiCaprio and Morron broke up. Obviously, Women’s Day We will go to the last place for updates about DiCaprio’s love life.

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