Suspicious sources claim that Jamie Fox has called Katie Holmes new

Is Jamie Foxx Bad thing Katie Holmes‘New boyfriend? Claimed a tabloid Django The actor was not happy to hear that his ex-girlfriend had left. Let’s check out the famous exes.

Katie Holmes ‘Out-Foxes Jamie’?

This week, National Investigator Jamie Fox is jealous of Katie Holmes’ new romance with Bobby Otten III. “Jamie says he thinks Katie can do a lot better and act really jealous,” an insider spread. “It’s ridiculous because he’s not going to do anything about trying to get her back. He’s just wanting what he doesn’t have.”

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Sources said Holmes and Fox’s six-year relationship ended in 2019 due to the actor’s wandering eyes. “A lot of people told him he really made a fuss about letting Katie go. But she was too caught up in the skirt-chase,” admits a snitch. “She’s still the same player she was before. It’s just a classic case you don’t know That’s what you get until it’s gone. “

Jamie Fox jealous of Katie Holmes’ new beau?

There are several reasons why we should take this story seriously At first, Jamie Foxx was so personal that the public wasn’t even sure if he and Holmes were an item until a few months before their separation. We seriously suspect that she made a fuss about Holmes and her new boyfriend that she clearly doesn’t believe.

Moreover, this is not the first time Holmes has been out with a man since splitting from Fox. The Alone together The actress publicly dated the restaurant’s Emilio Vitolo Jr. for eight months before leaving in May last year. As far as we know, Fox didn’t give Vitolo a bad face, so why would this time be any different?

And finally, Fox looks far from anxious about recent philosophy. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 The actor was recently spotted getting hot and heavy with a mysterious blonde woman on a yacht in France. Since splitting from Holmes in 2019, Fox has had no problems getting along with other women. So, we’re not buying this story about Holmes being obsessed with his new boyfriend.

More Katie Holmes dramas from the tabloids

This is far from the first National Investigator A story about Katie Holmes has been confusing. The outlet once reported that Holmes was becoming a “stage mother” for his daughter Suri. The magazine then claims that Jamie Foxx was desperately trying to get back with Holmes after parting ways with Emilio Vitolo Jr. And finally, the publication complains that Holmes is concerned that Vitolo was out for revenge after their recent breakup. Clearly, Investigator There really is no insight into what Holmes has to offer in his personal life.

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