Suspicious sources say Cindy Crawford’s marriage was apparently after a struggle

Is Cindy Crawford And Randy Garber Move away? A tabloid claims that the supermodel and her business mogul husband are not so close these days. Let the couple check in.

Cindy Crawford, Randy Garber struggling?

This week, They Now that Cindy Crawford and Randy Garber’s children are out of the house, the couple realizes there is no more similarity between them, the report said. Empty nesters are said to be rapidly separating, and friends are apparently afraid they are living separately.

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“Randy has been a murderous businessman since the 80s. He doesn’t know how to stop and is always looking to climb a new hill, where Cindy wants to go slow and not do so much, “said an insider. “They just have different interests now, and it’s a struggle to fill the void left by their children.”

Is there an empty nest problem for Crawford?

Find out the names and this story can be copy-pasted to match any famous couple. It is clear from the dubious testimony of these tipstars that they are not at all close to the Crawford-Garber family. Let’s break this down.

First, Cindy Crawford and Randy Garber have one minute to deal with their empty nest. Their children have been adults for years now, but their marriage has never seemed to hurt. Moreover, Crawford and Garber are still seen together constantly. Most recently, the couple went out on a double date with George and Amal Clooney.

And late last month, Crawford marked her and Garber’s 24th wedding anniversary with a beautiful throwback photo. In the caption, Crawford writes, “Another year of life together. There is no better companion than this through everything, I am grateful for your strength, loyalty, and sportsmanship. Happy 24th Anniversary! Oops! ”

And this week, Crawford posted an adorable picture of her and Garber on their recent beach trip.

Clearly, Crawford and Garber are not living “separate lives.” In contrast, the couple seems closer than ever.

Tabloids on other famous married couples

This is not the first time They Has published a wildly misleading report about married celebrities. Earlier this year, Jessica Simpson’s billion-dollar marriage at the outlet was at risk because she was considering divorcing her husband. The magazine then reported that Jessica Alba was on the verge of a “billion-dollar divorce” after being seen without her wedding ring. And most recently, the publication complained that Gwen was divorcing Blake Shelton just one year after her marriage to Stephanie. Since none of these reports have been proven to be true, we are convinced that Cindy Crawford and Randy Garber are doing well.

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