Suspicious sources say Steve Harvey apparently broke up Michael B. Jordan, Laurie

Did Steve Harvey Does her daughter have a hand in the recent breakup? Claims the true cause of a tabloid Michael B. Jordan And Laurie HarveyHer recent breakup was her indomitable father. Let’s take a closer look at its claims.

Michael B. Jordan ‘ditches’ Harvey family?

The latest version National Investigator Report Michael B. Jordan has spoken of leaving with Steve Harvey’s daughter Laurie Harvey, and sources say the game show host is responsible. An insider said, “Steve is extremely defensive for his daughter.” Many people wonder Michael survived so long! “

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Apparently, the Steve The star was extremely indomitable and he was able to push Jordan to his limits. “Steve was constantly asking Michael questions about everything,” admits one tipster. “She got very personal about their friends, Michael’s long-term purpose and even their sex life. That must be too much! “

Steve Harvey’s ‘Got Way to Personal’?

This report is a complete, positive lie. While it’s true that Steve Harvey is his daughter’s defensive, according to the game show host, Jordan has passed all his tests with flying colors. In fact, when Jordan and Laurie first started dating, Steve voiced his support. “This man is not a representative. He’s actually who he looks like, ”he said of himself Black leopard The star “It threw me first, because he was so kind.”

Harvey went on: “You know, I think, ‘Okay, that’s the game, right?’ But it wasn’t, man, this friend was sincere and he’s proven to be a really, really good, good guy. I’m pulling for him, you know, for them. “

And when news of her daughter’s breakup spread, Steve still had nothing bad to say about Jordan. Although his allegiance must be rooted in Laurie, he indicated that he does not blame Jordan for anything. “Things will happen,” Harvey began. “It’s hard to stay young and in the limelight and have a successful relationship. Look, as long as everyone can go in peace, be friends … I haven’t heard anyone say they didn’t break any windows or anything. “

And recently the source has given this information People That lorry wasn’t ready to promise. “He still wants to have fun and be free,” the insider admitted. “Michael is a great man. He’s sorry that their relationship didn’t work out, but he’s moving on. “

Apparently, Steve Harvey wasn’t the one that ended the relationship. When Civil strife The host has only been vocal about wanting the best for her daughter, making it clear that she is not interfering with her relationship.

Tabloid on Steve Harvey

Of course, we learned that National InvestigatorSteve Harvey’s reports require intense scrutiny. Last year, the outlet reported that Michael B. Jordan was annoyed by Harvey’s “intentional call.” The magazine then claims that Harvey’s so-called “herdog” way is causing problems with his wife. And most recently, the publication alleged that Harvey’s wife was asking him to stop flirting with a younger actress. Apparently, the Investigator Wherever Harvey is concerned it is not reliable.

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