Suspicious sources say that Barack Obama shouted at Michelle and made the match

Is Barack Obama Mad with Michelle For a secret celebrity crash shelter? A tabloid claims that the former first couple is on the verge of divorce. Here’s what we know.

Barack and Michelle in ‘Marriage Meltdown’?

This week, Globe The marriage of Barack and Michelle Obama is under threat after the former First Lady was spotted by another man. Sources say Michelle’s recent visit to the Miami race track to visit Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton has caused some great excitement about their marriage. The magazine previously reported that Barack was upset with Michelle’s “Celebrity Crush” on the driver. But this week, an insider said things just got worse. According to the article, Michelle “Hanky” wants to do some cosmetic work to attract young racers.

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A rat reveals, “Barack Michelle is terrified of flirting with flashy and young boys.” “It simply came to our notice then. But Michelle will not be guided by her jealous husband. She is enjoying her freedom as well as this new chapter of her life. Their fights have become deadly toxic. They are screaming and shouting at each other all the time and none of them are backing down. “

‘Fight’ with Michelle over ‘Nip / Tak Plan’?

This report is completely ridiculous, and we have no reason to take it seriously. First, we debunked GlobeIt’s the story of Michelle’s alleged “crash” in Hamilton weeks ago. As we said then, a single photo of them embracing with anonymous tips is not enough to indicate any kind of romantic feeling on both sides. And since the pair haven’t connected enough since the Miami incident, we’re sure it was all meaningless gossip.

And with the latest outlet story, we’re pretty sure there’s no story here. There is no evidence that Michelle currently has or has undergone any type of plastic surgery. It seems less like a dedicated worker that the public knows and much more like a typical tabloid fantasy. And when checking in on the latest news about the former First Lady, there are no whispers of nips or baldness. From what we can tell, he is fully focused on his voter advocacy efforts ahead of the upcoming midterms.

So, we guess his brief meeting with Lewis Hamilton is the farthest thing from his mind at the moment.

Tabloid on Michelle Obama

While this story is surprisingly distant, there is nothing surprising about it Globe. Last year, the outlet reported that Barack had prepared Michelle to fight President Biden in 2024. The magazine then claimed that Michelle was intimidating her daughters’ boyfriends. And earlier this year, the publication reported that Michelle was “at the end of her rope” and was considering divorcing Barak. Clearly, we are immediately skeptical about anything Globe Obama is talking about the family.

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