Tabloid gossip claims that Amal Clooney has explicitly instructed George to clean up and get

Is Amal Clooney Whip George Back to shape? A tabloid claims that the action star has given up. Let’s take a closer look at the rumors.

Amal calls ‘Toby’ George ‘Shot Your Pihole’?

This week, National Investigator George Clooney is gaining weight while shooting his new movie in London, and Amal is not happy about it. “George has really given up on himself lately, also he likes bad diets and shrugs his shoulders as if it’s not a big deal,” said one tabloid insider. “His attitude is that at some point in his life he deserves a break, but it still makes him look in the mirror and see all the bruises and crunchy bits on his torso, which were toned like a Greek god!”

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And sources say that Amal recently underwent a “huge change” to inject some vital emotion into her marriage, so she apparently dislikes George’s relaxation. “It’s frustrating for Amal, who wants the same excitement and spark between them when he takes off his shirt,” Tipster declares. “She’s got her bargaining chip and looks better than ever, so George isn’t hugging her alluring male bod!”

There is no ‘passion’ in Clooney’s marriage?

This report is absolutely ridiculous. First, how can we believe that this tabloid is talking to Clooney’s friends? The questionable source has no problem in relentlessly insulting George, making it clear that they have no love for the power couple. So, straight from the bat, we were struggling to believe Tipster’s story.

Besides, we don’t see what the tabloids are seeing. The magazine uses a picture of George on three levels: a dark colored shirt with a puffer jacket and a neon vest. Of course, Clooney looked more swollen than usual – that’s all the clothes. In recent photos, however, the actor’s arms look as toned as ever. So, it doesn’t really seem like the actor is avoiding the gym.

But, if his weight increases a little, why does anything come? The tabloids certainly have a shallow attitude towards marriage which suggests that Amal loves her husband very little because there are a few cheating days. Also, the couple must have liked their recent trip to the south of France. Obviously, this tabloid doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

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This is far from the first time we’ve covered National Investigator To lie about the Clooney. Not long ago, the outlet complained that Amal had forced George to stop drinking. The magazine then claims that George was comfortable with another actress and was worried about Amal. And more recently, the publication complained that the Clooney was close to a 500 million divorce after a “constant feud.” Of course we don’t InvestigatorCloning is reporting as gospel.

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