Tabloid rumors say that Will Smith is apparently out of wedlock with Jada

Is Jada Pinkett Smith Management Willpower Crazy with its excessive cost? A tabloid claims that the famous couple are at odds over their finances. Here’s what we know.

Jada Pinkett Smith ‘breaking the bank’?

A recent version National Investigator The report states that Will Smith is urging his wife Jada Pinkett to stop spending so much money. Sources said the actor is expecting a big drop in his earnings as studios have refused to work with him after his now-infamous Oscar slap. But, according to Tipster, Jada just won’t listen.

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“It’s not like they’re broken. They have the money and the investment, but they have a huge cost and he doesn’t know what’s going to happen to him in terms of career, because his name is in the mud now because of Slapgate, “an insider said. “They are totally tied together financially, and people wonder why they haven’t divorced already. He wants to reduce costs, but he is burning with their cash for his vanity project and all his other unnecessary funds! ”

The source explains that their financial practice is the opposite of the pole. “She spends a fortune on her looks, and massages and trainers. She only goes to the most luxurious salons for her money-peds,” Snitch whispers. But he doesn’t need much and it’s always a thorn in his side. “

Can’t Smith ‘stop spending on his wife’?

The report shows Smith’s complete lack of financial knowledge. At first, Will Smith’s chances of acting may be dwindling, but, according to his IMDB page, he’s having no problems producing. The King Richard The star is said to have more than a dozen projects. Moreover, Will proves the old adage “any press is a good press” because sales of his memoirs increased at this year’s Oscar night.

And it also goes to Jada Pinkett Smith who is probably bringing more visitors to her Red table talk Drama after the award ceremony. So, we’re definitely looking at the outlet’s claims about Will Smith’s “penny-pinching” efforts. While Will may have missed out on some opportunities, we’re sure he didn’t resort to couponing to afford a trip to Zadar Nail Salon.

The Magazine on the Smith Family

Except National Investigator We are the last place for updates about the Smith family. Last year, the outlet claimed that Will and Jada had led to a $ 270 million divorce. The magazine then reported that Jada was threatening to divorce and was forcing Will to go for therapy. And the publication once complained that Will was actually jealous of Jada’s “flirtation” with Chris Rock. And, most recently, the outlet claimed that Jada was “flirting with the hunky boys” to make Will jealous. Apparently, the Investigator Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith have nothing to offer.

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