Take the Home MTV Award for Best Reality Romance by Lauren and Alexei Browernick!

Last month, 90 day engagement Fans Loren and Alexei Browernick have revealed that they are expecting the # 3 baby!

Fans were surprised that Lorraine got pregnant again so early, but the two are excited to see their third child welcomed.

Despite its ratings and renewals Lauren and Alexei: After 90 daysThey may be wondering how long their popularity will last.

Long enough to win an award for “Best Reality Romance” after seven years of their marriage, it turns out.

Alexei Browernick and Lauren Browernick at the MTV Awards 2022

2022 MTV Movie & TV Awards: Unscripted Sunday airs.

Lauren and Alexei won the award for “Best Reality Romance”.

Extremely large despite their long-term popularity 90 day engagement Fandom, the Browarnikers were stunned by the recognition.

Lauren Browernick and a sleeping Alexei Browernick

Winning means beating up couples Unmarried Franchise, from Vanderpump rulesAnd from Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta.

This is not an easy feat.

Lauren and Alexei spoke there to share their surprise.

Lauren and Alexei Brovarnik get some sun

“I don’t think it hurts us how many people still see us, to this day,” Lauren admitted to Entertainment Tonight.

“When we met we didn’t think we would get married,” he added.

Lauren commented: “Like, we’ve been married for seven years now, we never thought of that.”

Photo by Lauren and Alexei Browernick

“It’s special,” Alexi admits.

“It’s not a joke, okay, and like, we didn’t think about it, but it’s big, isn’t it?” He added.

Alexi acknowledged: “A lot of people voted for us.”

Lauren and Alexei Brovarnik, going upstairs

The prize is shaped like popcorn, but certainly a lot heavier, and Alexi was happy to hold it for both of them.

“I married her because she’s a selfie stick and she’s got height and I’m too small, so, you know?” Lauren joked.

She stood beside him, occasionally resting one hand on her baby bump.

Lauren Browernick and Alexei Browernick

Lauren also opened up about her pregnancy, confirming that she was feeling great.

We remember the emotional journey that she and Alexei experienced late last summer, when Asha was born prematurely and had to spend the day in NICU.

“I feel very different at the moment,” Lauren explained, “so thank you.”

Lauren and Alexei Browernick and Baby

Some fans must have wondered if After 90 days Cameras will follow them in the delivery room for the upcoming season.

Although he does not know for sure, it seems that people should not have their hopes.

“Okay, I have a C-section that I know, so maybe not,” Lauren explained. “We’ll see what they say in the hospital at this time.”

Lauren and Alexei Brovarnik, balcony photo

Lauren and Alexi are already the parents of 2-year-old Shy and Shy, who was born in August last year and is still a child.

They still don’t know anything about Baby # 3, hoping it will be a surprise for them and for the world.

Many fans have crossed their fingers for a girl, but we would not recommend betting on anyone.

Lorraine and Alexei Brovarnik together

Viewers have been following the couple since the very beginning of the franchise’s history, before the series was truly recognized.

In a better part of a decade, these two have presented a genuine love story without unrealistic motives or poisons or personalities bigger than life.

Now they have seven years of happy marriage. Alexei is a US citizen. And together, they are eager to welcome their third child.

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