Tania Tucker’s friends are urging her to stop drinking, anonymous insiders said

Is Tania Takar Get yourself in a first grave? A report said her friends were urging her to take care of herself and keep the bottle down. Gossip Cop Investigates

‘Tornado Tania Tequila Terror for Money!’

According to Globe, Tucker scared her boyfriend Craig Dillingham in love with alcohol. With Tucker scheduled to tour in 2022, he’s obviously worried about his ability to be responsible. “Tania doesn’t think she has a problem, but Craig worries that even a shot from Tequila will hurt her,” a spy revealed.

In 1988, Tucker found himself at the Betty Ford Clinic to treat his addiction to alcohol and cocaine. She and Dillingham reunited in 2019 and she has supported him through hip surgery. He is said to have wanted to follow her down the street to make sure she didn’t overdo it. “It’s like trying to control a wild Mustang,” a source concluded “He does not take orders or ultimatums from anyone. The problem is, alcoholism can take years to complete. “

Tania’s money problem is checked

First, friends don’t talk to tabloids. The Globe He mentioned Dillingham’s concerns, but did not elaborate. It’s putting words in her mouth to bring back the harmful story of addiction.

It is true that Taka lived a very hard life in the 80’s, but he seems to have everything under control. With a 2019 interview Rolling stone, He discussed his cocaine problem: “I knew once I tried it that it would help me lose weight, and I felt a little overweight.” The article says he now enjoys marijuana, occasional cigarettes and martinis. It is far from anyone on the brink of collapse.

Money’s upcoming tour is a moment of victory. He was forced to cancel his 2021 tour due to health and Covid concerns, so it’s great that he can finally get back on the road. It is noteworthy that he won two Grammy Awards in 2020 for his record for money When I’m alive, His first win. Between her success, the tour and her romance with Dillingham, life must be better.

Complete disrespect

The Globe Regularly uses his unrefined piece of wine and alcohol. It called Gwyneth Paltrow a “buzhound” when she admitted to drinking too much during quarantine. Yes, his and another one billion.

In 2020, it was claimed that Brad Pitt was urging Jennifer Aniston to quit drinking. They are not an item and do not appear to have a serious problem. Most recently, this outlet attacked Bill Murray for drinking enough to scare his friends. Although Marr’s behavior was highly suspicious of late, there were no such symptoms due to alcohol.

Buzz is a simple crutch for this lazy rack when it needs a quick hit piece. This outlet cannot provide any evidence outside of some so-called source in support of his story. Money seems to be in complete control.

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