Taraji p. Henson reveals why he is ready to go abroad

Taraji p. Henson One of America’s most beloved actresses, but the star seems to be considering taking her talent abroad. In a recent podcast appearance, Henson shared that he is thinking about going abroad.

Why Henson wants to go abroad

Attendance time People every day In the podcast, the actress was asked how she coped with all the social and political issues that Americans face every day. Henson has revealed that he is actually considering a big move.

Henson explains, “I’m really thinking about getting out of here, moving out and living in another country. “It’s something that comes with 50, you get tired of fighting. I’m tired. “When pressured to explain what was bothering him, Henson pointed to the” pressure to be black. ”

“I just don’t want to have another hashtag,” Henson continued. “I fought, I chanted slogans, I marched. I’m tired. “The actress then describes what she thinks when she considers going abroad:” I want to go where there is a neutral place. I just want to be. And be happy. I want to call it ‘Bella’ every day, wine. Let’s drink and swat on the porch. Stress-free. “

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“Something happens when you’re 50, where all your F-S is behind you,” the actress continued. “I have achieved a lot and I am going to do what I want to do. I’m in a place now where if I say, ‘I’m leaving, I’m going to travel the world’, I can. It’s very free. “

He still wants to achieve his career goals

Although Henson said he wanted to leave America, that doesn’t mean his Hollywood career should be left behind. He has shared some of his career goals that he has yet to achieve. Henson shared, “I’ve always wanted to play a villain. He was able to make that dream come true with his upcoming role in Belle Bottom. Minions: The Rise of Gru, But Henson is not satisfied. “I still want to play a real life villain like a Marvel character, but I’m happy to be a sand bottom. He has jazzy and a big Afro. “

Henson’s upcoming trip with Mary J. Blizzard

Henson has not yet planned his move, but he did have his partner, Mary J. Doing a little scouting on her upcoming vacation with Blizzard. “Mary and I have been trying to make this trip for so long but our schedule is just going crazy,” Henson said. “I just told him ‘Look, that’s enough, I need a vacation!'”

While Hanson’s fans understand her persuasion to stay away from American political pressure, many have crossed their fingers that the actress will be around Hollywood for a while longer.

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