Thanks to her hairstylist and Virtual Labs, Anne Hathaway’s Retro Do Is.

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Anne Hathaway Giving us some great retro-vibes at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival. In one look, she wore a black and blue Gucci mini dress, silver heels, and a half-up hairstyle by hairstylist Adir Abergel. She created a fun and glamorous 1960s obsession, complete with Cat-Eye sunglasses.

And, he killed another look as well. The Oscar-winning actress wore an Armani private gown the day before for the first time on the red carpet. Her hair was styled in a super-smooth blowout at her movie premiere Armageddon time. She completes the look with a stunning Mediterranean reverie bulgari necklace. This look is more reminiscent Princess Diary More than Studio 54, but obviously gorgeous nonetheless.

The third look features a hot-pink Valentino jumpsuit with millennial hair split in the center (panting!)

Anne Hathaway
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Her outfits were the talk of the town, but her hairstyles also received some attention. That’s right. All her hairstyles started and ended with Virtue products. Hathaway-based hairstylist Abergel is the brand’s creative director, and Jennifer Garner became a brand partner in 2019. Abergel introduced the brand to many of his clients, including Garner and Hathaway.

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Garner has been screaming in praise of Virtue for years, and Hathaway apparently embraced the feeling as her hairstyle evolved over the years.

Creating a healthy foundation

The secret to Hathaway’s Va-Va-Bhum hair in Kane was the virtual volumeizing primer. This lightweight primer adds a ton of volume without glue or buildup. Made with Virtue-owned Alpha Keratin 60ku protein, this primer also protects hair from styling tools while strengthening strands. It adds a textured hold to your hair, leaving a pleasant citrus scent.

Not surprisingly, Hathaway’s hair stylists have turned to this primer as a first step for everyone. We crashed The look of the actress. Quite a punch packing, vegetarian formula helps to handle the fridge, repair split ends and increase hair density with just five uses.

Hathaway’s look is actually easy to achieve at home

Anne Hathaway is looking at her left shoulder in a photo call
(John Phillips / Getty Images)

Hairstylist Abergel breaks Hathaway’s retro hairstyle step by step Harper’s Market.

This look is called a cascading half-up, half-down hairstyles with face-framed screen bangs. It was a call-back from the 60’s, which certainly matched her black and blue Gucci mini outfit.

Abergel Virtu has primed the hair with Volumizing Primer. Next, she sprayed her hair with Virtu 6-in-1 hairspray before curling with a 1-inch curling iron.

“I let the parts of the crown cool in place with a creaseless pin,” he said.

While letting them cool down, he started framing pieces of face. Then, he curled them with a 1.25-inch curling iron to get waves effortlessly. Then, she pinned half of her hair to the crown, giving a subtle lift.

Virtue 6-in-1 hairspray and Virtue Healing Oil were then applied to finish the look.

Mega volume is a product of that reality

The key to Anne Hathaway’s breathtaking volume is thanks to Virtue’s collection of high quality hair care products that protect, strengthen and, most importantly, broaden your everyday style.

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