The Beaking Elizabeth Premier has come up with interesting choices

Becoming Elizabeth A Starz series and log-line is:

Follow Elizabeth Tudor, an orphaned teenager who gets involved in the political and sexual politics of the English court in her journey to secure the crown.

“An orphan teenager” is technically correct but it seems that the family situation is so complicated! Anyway, here we find Romola Gorai, playing the role of older sister Mary Tudor; Alicia von Ritburg as Elizabeth in the title (FWIW, she’s not a teenager herself, she’s 28); And Jessica Raine, who plays Katherine Parr. (Interestingly, Google tells me that the little girl that played Liana Mormont Game of Thrones Lady Jane is playing the role of Gray, and it looks like a good casting. I like the idea of ​​Lady Jane Gray as a total psychopath. There is no offense to Liana Mormont, the intensity of which I would have liked.) Both Tudor girls have chosen the dress that seems Almost Period, with a very modern touch (like having a nice spring-y crop-top / skirt combo) and I appreciate that Romola is very proud because if Mary Tudor had anything … she was quite gothic and intense. Meanwhile, Jessica Raine rightly said, “I got this very nice leather dress that I wanted to wear. Also these great shoes. See you! “

[Photo by Gregory Pace/Shutterstock]

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