The daughter of Giada de Lorentis has taken to her Instagram for funny cooking

Giada de Lorentis He is known for his skill in the kitchen, writing best-selling cookbooks and showing people how to make delicious food on TV. Apples don’t seem to fall off the tree; His daughter Z. Shared a cooking video of her own to celebrate Mother’s Day.

DeLaurentis’ daughters make special mac and cheese for Mother’s Day

In a video posted on his mother’s Instagram account, Jade said, “As you know, my mother is a great chef and I eat the best food of all time, but today I’m taking responsibility and I’m making my favorite things, Annie Mac and cheese.” He looked at me and whispered, “Sponsor me.”

“People always ask if I can cook, and the answer is yes,” he said, leaning over his kitchen counter before chewing the macaroni box. As he smiled, a voice off camera said, “We have a guest presence behind us.”

De Laurentis walks into the background of the video, giving a pose before going outside the frame. Jade continues to make macaroni, spreads the ingredients and shakes everything together. He advised visitors to add ham and Parmesan cheese “for extra flavor”.

DeLaurentis’ Approved: ‘It’s pretty good’

At the end of the video, Jade presents a bowl of macaroni to her mother. “Wait, I thought it was Mother’s Day,” the celebrity chef joked. “You make something I like to eat, not something you like to eat.”

However, after one bite, Dilrantis changed his tune: “Actually, it’s pretty good.” He asked his daughter to hold a spoon, and the couple shared a Mother’s Day macaroni. Followers and friends liked the video and took to the comments to share their thoughts.

“Jade is a star !!!” Fellow celebrity chef Pioneer Lady Ree Drummond writes. “Happy Mother’s Day, Giada !!” Another fan wrote, “She is adorable! I hope he gets that sponsor for his show! ”

Z’s interest in acting

This isn’t the first time Jade has expressed interest in following her mother’s lead. Delrantis recently reported People About her daughter’s passion for acting and how she tried to take a role Always mineA film produced by De Laurentis Executive.

“That girl has been harassing me for years to allow me to audition for off-Broadway shows, and I think, ‘No,'” the celebrity chef shared. “You’re not going to New York. You’re not. I’m doing it. You have to be a child.” It’s important to be a child. It only happens once in your life. ” While Jade’s macaroni and cheese may not be up to her pro chef mom’s standards, it’s clear that the two love each other এবং and the delicious food খুব too much.

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