The job left the royal bride to marry among the British royalty

Although Meghan Merkel Often cited as an example of a working woman who married into the British royal family, she is far from the first to carry this veil. More modern generations set the stage for Merkel by leaving their chosen profession after marrying into a family. From Princess Diana Per Kate MiddletonIt is no longer a foreign idea for a royal bride to have a successful career before dedicating herself to The Farm.

Historically, royal brides tend to be upper-class aristocratic women in Britain or other European states, so it’s a fresh change of pace that recent generations of royal brides have actually done 9-5 things before marrying into the family. Meghan Merkel famously gave up her career as an actress to marry Prince Harry, but she is neither the first working woman of the royal family nor is she the first actress.

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Wallis Simpson, actress

Wallis Simpson (L) wearing a spotted dress next to former King Edward VIII, a white blazer and a red checked tie
(Photo by Evan Dimitri / Michael Ochas Archives / Getty Images)

Queen Elizabeth’s uncle, former King Edward VIII, married American actress Wallis Simpson. Their impending marriage, coupled with Simpson’s status as a divorcee, created a constitutional crisis that forced him to abdicate in less than a year. The marriage was obviously a love affair, though, it lasted until her death in 1972. In recent history, another royal bride did a different job before her royal wedding and she is a much more beloved figure among royal fans.

Princess Diana, child care

Princess Diana smiles after wearing an off-the-shoulder black dress and matching statement necklace
(Photo by Terry Fincher / Princess Diana Archive / Getty Images)

Princess Diana married Prince Charles when she was only 20, but by then she had several jobs under her belt. The famous loving mother was obviously a soft spot for the children, as her primary occupation included working with young people. She was a children’s dance instructor for some time before she was involved in a skiing accident, which resulted in her losing her job. She soon got a job as a pre-school playgroup assistant and later worked as a nanny for an American family living in London.

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She has also worked as an assistant to a nursery teacher at Young England School. In addition to some of these jobs, Diana worked as a cleaner for her older sister and her friends and as a party hostess. After announcing her engagement to Charles in 1981, Diana quit her job as a nursery assistant.

Sarah Ferguson, job memorabilia

Sarah Ferguson points to the distance.  She is wearing an emerald green dress and matching hat
(Photo by Steve Parsons – WPA Pool / Getty Images)

Sarah Ferguson married Prince Andrew a few years after Diana’s wedding, which was aired on world television and turned into a cultural touch. Before they tied the knot, Ferguson, or Fergie, as he is commonly called, did a number of things in his teens, including working as both a cleaner and a waitress. After graduating from Secretarial College at the age of 18, Ferguson worked for an art gallery and two different public relations firms in London before settling down with a publishing house.

Sophie, PR

The Countess of Wessex is smiling while wearing a white dress and a red necklace
(Photo by Chris Jackson – WPA Pool / Getty Images)

Another modern royal bride is the wife of Prince Edward, the youngest son of the queen: Sophie, Countess of Wessex. Sophie worked in public relations before she married Edward, and that’s exactly how the two first met. At the time, Sophie worked for Capital Radio in the press and publicity department.

The stars weren’t yet lined up for the future couple as Edward was dating Sophie’s friend. Many years later, the two again run into each other at a different event and hit it off. They enjoyed a long friendship during which Sophie continued to build her career. In 1996, Sophie started her own PR agency, RJH Public Relations, which she ran for five years with a partner.

Kate Middleton, accessory buyer

Kate Middleton smiles while wearing a white top and matching hat
(Photo by Chris Jackson / Getty Images)

Outside of Meghan Merkel, Kate Middleton is the most recent working woman married to the royal family. Middleton and her now-husband Prince William met while in college and enjoyed an on-the-go, off-again relationship year after year, making Middleton a popular target for paparazzi. Middleton also had to deal with constant obstacles from photographers while on the job, a former employer revealed.

After graduating from the Duchess of Cambridge College, she worked as a part-time accessory buyer for clothing brand Jigsaw for 12 months. When he and William were in school, they were protected by the law from the dominance of the press, but their graduation meant it was an open season for the media. As a result, the former Middleton boss recalled seeing Middleton photographers hiding outside photographers as a common occurrence, and praised the young woman for her kindness under pressure.

After finishing that work, Middleton created a photography exhibition, which shows that his interest in photography has long expanded. Middleton also did a lot of volunteer work, which undoubtedly prepared him for his current busy life as a royal.

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