The new home of Prince William, Kate Middleton has a reprehensible former occupant

Prince William And Kate Middleton Moving. Although they are not flying around the world Prince Harry Or Meghan Merkel, Their new home has a bit of a scandalous history. Let’s find out now.

Prince William’s birthday step

Just around the corner, William plans to leave London to celebrate his 40th birthday. The heirs will move from London to Windsor with Middleton and their three children. The goal is for members of the royal family to stay a little closer to Queen Elizabeth, whose health has begun to decline.

Reports indicate that the couple will be moving to the Adelaide cottage in the royal family’s Windsor estate. This means they will not be too far away from their humiliated uncle Prince Andrew, who is still living on the royal property in a 30-room house. William and Middleton will still keep their London apartments at Kensington Palace, but they will move on to Windsor-based.

What can Cambridge expect?

The Adelaide Cottage has been a popular place for the royal family since its reconstruction in 1831. Like Elizabeth, Queen Victoria was a frequent visitor to tea. The property is considered a “grace and grace” property, so basically Elizabeth can gift it to whomever she wants.

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It’s a 10-minute walk from Windsor Castle, so William won’t be away from his grandmother at any moment. This is near the Frogmore cottage, the occasional residence of Harry and Merkel.

An interesting resident

The cottage has a very interesting former resident: Peter Townsend. The RAF officer was an investigator to King George VI, so he had direct access to Elizabeth and her sister Princess Margaret. Its viewers The crown The name may be recognizable, as Townsend has been in a relationship with Margaret for years.

In the early 1940’s, Townsend and Margaret became close friends and eventually lovers. This was a problem for two reasons: Townsend had a much lower social status than Margaret and he was married. Margaret was divorced while mourning for her father, and the two soon became an item.

Townsend proposed in the early 1950s, but his divorce took on a larger scale. Winston Churchill refused to support the marriage, partly because a few years ago everyone had a crisis of mind. Townsend was posted abroad, and the relationship was broken.

In 1955, Margaret announced that she would not marry Townsend. He realized that the Church of England would never support marriage. She soon fell in love with photographer Anthony Armstrong-Jones, when Townsend married Marie-Luis Jamagane in 1959.

Who knows if William is aware of the Townsend scandal or if he is moving to his former home in Townsend. Perhaps the scandal could prove to be a sign for Cambridge – or just a huge coincidence.

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