The palace is alleged to be ready for Meghan Merkel to deny the long royal tradition

Is Meghan Merkel Planning to break royal protocol? A report says he plans to disrespect her Kate Middleton Their platinum jubilee breaks tradition before reunion. Gossip Cop Investigates

‘Curtsy war!’

According to New ideas, Palace insiders believe Merkel is back to shake things up by objecting to Middleton. “By not allowing her to be a part-time monarch, Meghan may feel that she is exempt from all protocols,” a source said. “No one can see Meghan being respectful of Kate, especially when it comes to insulting her and those older than herself.”

Never a fan of royal protocol, Merkel apparently has no plans to chair for Middleton. The only person he would turn to was Queen Elizabeth herself. “The palace workers are preparing themselves,” a source concluded.

Does Meghan Merkel need to bow her head?

Seriously? Are we trashing Markle for not curtsying enough now? Talk about a biased story. The tabloids will literally find any reason to trash Merkel. In this case, because he planned to disrespect the allegedly perfect Kate Middleton.

The Royal Carty Protocol is a very complex creature. It doesn’t look like Merkel and Middleton need to criticize each other because neither is bloodthirsty. Both should be cursing Princess Anne, Eugenie and Beatrice because they are of royal blood.

However, if they are with their husbands, then they do not need to be abusive at all. This is because Prince Harry and Prince William are ahead of almost everyone except Queen Elizabeth.

That shouldn’t change because Merkel and Harry have left the royal family, but who has a clue at the moment. Royal carts are rarely seen on camera in the first place, and with the personal nature of Merkel and Harry, it is less likely.

This tabloid is bringing out the same old rubbish trying to be as disrespectful about Merkel as possible. She has every incentive to go smoothly like anyone else.

Has a bad track record

How to entertain this story in the first place is a mistake New ideas Over the years it has proved time and time again that it cannot be trusted with royal tales. It once claimed that Harry was asking Merkel to stop releasing her podcast? It was a strange story without any evidence behind it.

Last year, it was reported that Merkel was planning a second bombing interview but that never happened. He and Harry are still happily married despite a 2020 cover story announcing their separation. Megan Merkel and Kate Middleton are bound to be as good as anywhere in the brotherhood. How bad is the track record of this outlet, this story is impossible to believe.

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