The secret product behind Jennifer Aniston’s gorgeous “brand” color

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In September 1995, “Rachel” took the world by storm and Jennifer Aniston Hair icon since then. Its honeyed locks and bright blue eyes are its most prominent features over the years.

Oh, and the whole thing never seems to-age-Aniston credits the morning rule to him. But his signature traces have been made possible by 30-year-old Aniston painter Michael Canale.

And fortunately for us, he recently shared the privacy of Aniston’s gold “bronze” locks. Enjoy.

Original Brond

The channel behind “Rachel” ‘s chunky, face-framing highlights was colorful. And as Aniston’s style evolved, so did his color techniques. She slowly lightened her natural brunette to a golden, carameli bronde – this is the first.

Aniston’s brown color gives her a casual, sun-kissed look that highlights her eyes and complexion. All those dimensions were no accident. “Over time, you can see that I have pulled her hair out. As you add highlights, you deepen the roots, ”he said Enjoy.

And because even Jennifer Aniston is not immune to color maintenance, Canal has created a product that will keep Aniston’s color alive during the session. This go-to gloss is the secret element of the actress’ honey hair.

Midnight Blue is Brond’s best friend

The Canal Midnight Blue Signature Gloss is essential for maintaining Jane’s signature bronze. “It keeps the hair really shiny and seals the color while keeping the pieces around the face light and vibrant,” explains Canal.

The transition from Aniston’s brunette to blonde may seem easy, but it’s all thanks to Canal’s skill. If done improperly, this color change can create unprepared brassy tones. This signature gloss neutralizes brassy tones for a more natural, balanced color.

Canalé also knows that maintaining light color in dark roots is inevitably difficult for hair. That’s why he created this go-to gloss to add extra gloss and vitality to dull, color-damaged traces.

Preserve and protect your brand

Midnight Blue Signature Gloss Magic doesn’t stop there either. Canalé Aniston’s hair can be dyed in sunny, beachy colors, but the sun’s harmful UV rays can actually destroy the hair.

Excessive UV damage can damage the hair cuticle. As a result, the hair becomes neat, dull and brittle, while the color becomes dull and the hair loses its shine. Thus, Canalé confirms that the signature gloss includes UV protection for Aniston’s traces.

Finally (and most importantly), this product is incredibly easy to use. The gloss fits between your shampoo and conditioner into your normal shower routine. Canale recommends using gloss every two weeks to keep hair healthy, vibrant and shiny.

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