The size 14 model recreates nude cover photos of Hillary Duff to spread the positivity of the body

Former Disney star Hillary Duff There was a headline while posing nude for its cover Women’s healthBut now a slightly different version of the shooting is going viral. Plus-sized model Julia News Duff’s glamorous photo shoot has been remade and the internet loves it!

Beritt: I wanted to know what it would be like to pose nude.

Barrett was fascinated by Duff’s steamy photoshoot, but wondered what it would be like for him – a plus-size model – to do a similar shoot. “I have never seen anyone in an editorial who looks like me. And my first thought was, I wonder what it would look like, “explained Barrett.

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“I wanted to know what it would be like for myself, a big man who never felt represented,” he continued. “I mean, when [Duff] Looks incredible, we’ve seen a lot of women look like that on the covers of swimsuits or underwear or nude things. And while it was still really strong, it seemed like there was a big gap that I wanted to make. “

The model describes the ‘nerve-racking’ shoot and how she is ’embracing’ her body

The model reached out to friends to help with styling and photography, and the photos turned out beautifully. In the caption to her photo, she writes, “We are redefining strength and growth baby !!!”

“I’ve spent 9 years of my life trying to mold my body into something that wasn’t there,” Barrett explained. “Now I am embracing my body just like that. If you know me, you know @hilaryduff grew up my biggest role model. When I saw the cover of @womenshealthmag + energy and growth redefined message, I knew I wanted to recreate these images! ”

“There’s no ‘before and after’ or comparison, just a celebration of different organizations just like that!” Model continued. “We as women have been trained by the media to differentiate our shortcomings and to constantly search for ways to ‘solve’ our bodies. Casting them into something they probably never wanted to be in the first place. But what if we absorb those differences without trying to make them all the same! ”

“I will not pretend that this shoot was not nerve-racking,” Berit admitted. “But I couldn’t do it without a really incredible all-female team. Thank you for helping me make it. “Like Duff’s own nude shoot, Beritt’s photos have inspired the Internet to embrace their bodies and their differences, even when it may seem scary.

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