This celeb-favorite shoe brand has a 50% discount on summer sales

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Trying to be a celebrity-inspired fashion can be fun – unless it’s time to face a celebrity-worthy Price tag. Finding a comparative deception that does not cost an arm and a leg may seem almost impossible. But fortunately, the Suggest team has seen a killer sale that you won’t want to miss.

Vince Camuto is well-loved and well-worn by celebrities like Eva Longoria, Carrie Underwood and Jessica Alba. Although we already know that this brand makes amazingly durable and chic winter boots, it also specializes in stylish sandals perfect for summer.

And thanks to its secret summer sales that now run through June 29, you don’t need A-list celebrity status to enjoy these hilarious styles. Up to 50% off sales — Here are some of our favorites.

From poolside to patio dining

Vince Camuto’s Evolet Thong Slide is the perfect blend of casual and chic. This is the ideal sandal when you want the comfort and informality of a flip-flop And A sandal polish look. They effortlessly move from the poolside to the hot tub after dinner.

Stay up to date with the details of these jelly sandals (yes, as you were in childhood) trendy, chunky chain. PVC slides are available in seven summer colors, from classic black to vibrant raspberry magenta.

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A little classic, a little modern

VC’s Shamira sandals blend different summer trends into one effortlessly flashy sandals. The upper bouts featured two cutaways, for easier access to the higher frets. The upper bouts featured two cutaways, for easier access to the higher frets.

Block heels can be comfortable when adding low enough heights. A square open toe not only gives your tutsis extra wavy play space, it’s also a popular callback in the 1990’s style. Shamira is found in black, cream, brown, coral and metallic gold.

Perfect for summer date nights

One of the best parts of summer is the excuse to wear fun, flirty sandals. Ariah Sandals is just that romantic, sexy, fun, and a little whimsical. The eye-catching braided top frame creates the legs in four available colors, while a zipped back gives these shoes a breeze to go in and out.

In addition, the ankle has a double role as a functional both And Figure-flattering feature. The wide base makes these 3.75-inch heels surprisingly easy to walk. And the high heeled heel gives the illusion of long, fat feet. Keep it simple in black, or choose sandstone, a bohemian blend of coral and tan.

Full coverage (without additional material)

Of course, flirty sandals can be fun. But if you’re like me and you’re not a huge fan of showing off your legs, they can be stressful too. Fortunately, I found a solution with Vince Camuto’s Zenabi Mool. Available in three colors and currently discounting 20, these unique sandals should be the staple of your next outfit.

The two rolled leather straps create a unique and eye-catching top, but style is not their only job. Thanks to the wide twist, you can enjoy adequate coverage without additional components (read: heat). These stylish shoes also feature a square toe and a perfectly walkable, 3-inch block heel.

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These sandals are ready for adventure

Sandals can get a bad rep for being weak and unsupported. And although many of them are, of course, Baminda Wages of Vince Camuto is not one of them. These sandals are the ideal combination of stylish and comfortable, where you are suitable for long summer days. Accidentally Finish walking 5+ miles.

Whether you’re heading for a brunch, museum, boardwalk, or a hot date, these shoes are the perfect addition to your look. They are available in three colors, including Black Snake Print, Ivory and Rosy, Dark Buff. The 3-inch heel lengthens, while the leather ankle and toe straps keep you safe and secure for summer adventures.

Vince Camuto’s secret summer sales won’t last forever. Now grab a pair of celebrity-approved sandals for up to half the price and start walking your way for the rest of the summer.

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