This is the most tolerable sign of all the zodiac signs

Here on Earth, the stars look like distant pinpricks of light. But to the stars, we look like open maps – our destiny is predetermined from birth. The stars see our best and worst qualities from light years away.

That includes the way we communicate with our fellow earthlings. From betrayal to forgetfulness, the zodiac can predict the subtleties of one’s personality.

The stars can also see who is most likely to be co-dependent.

The most headstrong modality

Cardinal sign illustrations: Aries, Cancer, Cotton, Capricorn

Modalities refer to the position of a sign within a season. The original symbols start a new season, the static symbols stand in the middle and the variable symbols are converted later. As the leader of their respective seasons, the cardinal symptoms are incredibly determined.

They will be in power through anything, even a fault. What they need first is that the reality of their situation can blind them. Despite being extremely intelligent, they can quickly lose sight of the big picture.

Aries, Cancer, Cotton and Capricorn are the four main signs of the zodiac. When they feel the need to change or achieve something, they do nothing to stop it.

The most essential element

Image of wind signs: Gemini, Cotton, Aquarius

Air symptoms are sympathetic, analytical and social. But they can also be isolated, indecisive and flaky. They rely on others to help with big decisions or conflicts and, at times, the self-awareness of an air sign. Without these supporters, wind signs will begin to disappear.

As a result, the wind will tolerate the symptoms a A lot Avoid that “lost” feeling. They work through negative emotions and the environment by mentally testing as needed. For an air sign, it’s still better than aimless wandering.

Gemini, Cotton and Aquarius are the three wind signs of the zodiac. These social symptoms will suffer through the worst party of their lives rather than sitting at home alone.

This planet must be someone’s world

Venus: The planet of ego, money and love
(Whitelion61 /

The planets also play an important role in our personality development. Some planets control philosophy, others influence interpersonal dynamics. The relationship of our sign to a particular planet can shape our priorities and goals.

Venus controls love, ego and finances. These are the hyper-romantic corpses of the nine main planets. A close relationship with this planet often manifests itself as a person who prefers intense, long-term relationships and luxurious items. They will receive an emotional compliment now and then.

This house loves love

7th house of interpersonal relationships on the wheels of the zodiac

Finally, we look at the 12 cells that split the zodiac “wheel” in the sky. Each sign rules over a particular house, but houses can affect us because other constellations and planets fly through them.

As the name implies, the 7th house of interpersonal relationships Loves Love. From long-term friendships to co-parent marriages, this home directly influences a committed partnership. Those who are directly ruled by the 7th House make their relationship a top priority.

The most tolerable zodiac sign

Cotton, the sign of the most tolerant zodiac
(Allexxandar /

Combining all of the above factors, a zodiac sign differs from the rest. This original wind sign is ruled by Venus and sits in the 7th house of interpersonal relationships. Simply put, love is the highest priority of this sign.

The most tolerable sign of all the zodiac signs is none other than Cotton. These hopeless romantics may become so attached to their partners (or more accurately, a way of life) that they lose their sight.

Cotton will give up their needs and desires because being alone is very unpleasant. Moreover, their strong tendency implies that it is their job to “win” the relationship. And how do you win? Not one to leave.

Since cotton gives relationships such a high priority in their lives, their co-dependent bonds often take center stage. The personality and purpose of a Cotton Star is inextricably linked with their closest partner at that time.

Cotton is most likely to benefit from a close relationship with equally sympathetic signs, such as Pisces, Leo, and Sagittarius. Enthusiastic Aries and distant Scorpio can be very intense for these subtle wind symptoms. But in the end, even the stars can’t help Cotton release their cohesive behavior. It is a work that can only be done on earth.

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