This production saver actually works and has saved me hundreds

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We have found the answer to the old question. How do you prevent bad smelling products from going bad so quickly? And it’s easier than a million and one viral hacks scattered around the internet. Plus, it’s way safer.

The average family of four produces 1,600 a year

We can all imagine the scene. We enter the grocery store or visit our local farmer’s market and it is filled with beautiful, colorful products. And we have every intention of using everything we inevitably buy. But, then the reality comes, and before we use that spinach or lettuce head, the chain of events goes so fast that without fail, we end up throwing that spinach in a compost bin or worse, in a trash can.

According to Feeding America, a family of four throws away $ 1,600 a year Just Produce! And if you go through the complicated process of buying bulk to reduce some long-term costs, you’re probably dropping more products. Or, you just eat endless salad, all day, every day. There is a better way! And there.

Save Hack Production is just that … hack

You’ve probably seen a number of viral videos claiming that your products need to be kept fresh longer. A hack, in particular, attracted attention when it went viral, but for all the wrong reasons. The Avocado Hack in question encourages you to put a cut or whole avocado in a container filled with water and then refrigerate it.

The hack promises completely saved avocados. However, the FDA warns that the practice is unsafe. A spokesman said: “The main concern is that any remaining human pathogens living on the avocado surface (such as Listeria monocytogenes, Salmonella spp., Etc.) may be submerged in water, which could lead to an increase in storage time.” Good morning America. That hack is a tough pass!

Other “hacks” tend to be involved and wasteful. Between paper towels and loads of plastic bags, you create more waste than the food you are trying to store.

Again, the solution is much simpler and safer.

I found a solution that actually works

These Rubbermaid Product Saver containers are needed for your fresh, properly stored products. They may look like ordinary clean, plastic containers, but they are far from it.

The mystery lies in its unique design. Freshvent proprietary technology has a built-in filter that controls the flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide to create the best storage environment. Also, the filter lasts a lifetime, so there is no need to replace it! In addition, the enhanced base gently removes your products from the moisture that can collect on the bottom.

And it can’t be easy to use. Just keep your cut and unwashed products in the space-saving container and you will always have crispy, fresh vegetables and fruits. Even dishwashers in containers are safe and BPA-free. And with different sizes, you can create a custom set for your unique needs.

But I’m not the only one who jumps on the bandwagon. One happy Amazon reviewer said, “I was skeptical, but it really works. I’ve been putting lettuce heads in it for 2 weeks and it’s still fresh and crispy!”

Another said, “Considering the amount of fine production waste I’ve seen before, they’re worth it. I can save that now, buy my berries at the warehouse club and keep them long enough to eat. I can eat more than one type of berry or vegetable at a time to prolong their life. For one person, it’s a big deal. “

These genius pots are also great for products stored on the counter, as one buyer mentioned. “I bought them for counter storage. They keep pets and bugs out. I tried them with some bananas from the discount pile and they stay fresh even inside [though] The skin was fading. “

Now a simple investment can seriously save you hundreds of products in the long run. You can easily purchase the complete set on

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