Tim McGraw, daughter of Faith Hill, showcases her musical talent

Like parents Tim McGraw And Faith HillIt’s no wonder their daughter Audrey McGraw Music is talented! The 20-year-old recently shared a video of himself singing and playing the piano on Instagram and fans were blown away by his talent.

Audrey McGrath shared a video of the impressive song

“A very rough, very messy little main squeeze jam today,” Audrey captioned a video of herself sitting on a keyboard. “I think this song is the best. Only time by stinstasqueeze. “Fans and followers were quick to show support in the comments section.

“Such an amazing and beautiful voice !!” One fan enthusiast. “You are beautiful and talented !! You will go far in life and leave a mark on the world !!!” Another follower wrote, “I think I should see this performance in a dark, smoky, bar in New Orleans.”

The rest of the McGraw girls are music inline?

She is not the only talented McGraw girl. Her older sister Gracie is pursuing a career in acting, spending time in Los Angeles, then moving to New York City to work on Broadway. She joined her father on stage to sing a duet of “Here Tonight” on a show in Nashville.

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Middle-aged Maggie doesn’t seem to be pursuing a career in the entertainment industry তিনি she’s just finished her master’s degree in sustainable science at Stanford University কিন্তু but that doesn’t mean she’s not talented in music. Upon joining Stanford, Maggie performed on a rock group, and her country’s superstar father tried to capture her show whenever he got the chance.

McGraw and Hill’s thoughts on raising their children

With a 2017 interview AOL.com, Hill talks about how it feels to raise their daughters. “As a parent, you don’t want to stand in the way of their dreams,” Hill explained. “You want to protect them; You want to make sure they are not disappointed. ”

“Sometimes, it’s better to let your kids go through things on their own and let them experience it instead of saying ‘don’t do it, or you have to do it this way,'” the country singer concluded.

In recent times People In the interview, McGraw shared her own thoughts on raising their children: “We raised three strong, independent, strong-minded young women. And what I am most grateful for is how normal our children are and how basic they are and how much they respect themselves and other people. It makes me feel like we’ve done a pretty decent job, especially mom. “With superstar parents like McGraw and Hill, it’s no surprise that their daughters are building careers in music, whether on the Broadway stage or in the recording industry.

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