To bring Amy Dugar: Come live with me! Bring your 7 kids!

A few months after Josh Dugar was convicted of child pornography, a deep rift has developed between two factions of his family – those who believe the mountain of evidence points to Josh’s crime and those who deny it.

From the letters they wrote to Josh’s sentencing judge, we learned that Anna and Michelle Dugar were firmly in the next camp.

In their letter, Josh’s wife and mother made no mention of his guilt, but their admiration for his character, honesty, and resilience suggests that there are rumors that they believe Josh has been framed.

Josh’s cousin Amy Dugar is at the opposite end of the spectrum.

Amy Dugar in the village

Amy celebrated when Josh was convicted and made it clear that she hoped the disgraced former reality star would receive a maximum of 20 years in prison.

Amy says jail will be hell for Josh, and it looks like, like many others, he’s waiting to see the lifelong hunter finally suffer some consequences for his actions.

But despite his apparent disdain for Josh, it appears that Amy has the utmost affection for her cousin’s long-suffering wife.

Amy Dugar hugs Anna Dugar

In a new interview with Dr. In contactAnna promised Anna support and kindness – even to invite Anna to her home.

“I’ll tell him to call, to contact me, to come to my house and tell me just, girl to girl, woman and woman and mama to mama, you know… just, I’m here. I’m here. He doesn’t have to get caught up in it, “said Amy.

“You don’t have to fall into the trap of lies. You don’t have to be trapped. You don’t trap, “he continued.

Anna Dugar and Josh Dugar throwback pictures

“It simply came to our notice then. That just literally scares what to do next, you know? And heck, I hope he’s okay. I mean, there’s room for seven kids here if we need to. It’s just my heart. ”

Amy says she has tried to contact Anna many times since the verdict, but to no avail.

“No answer,” Amy explained to the outlet.

Amy responds

“I can tag him in each [Instagram] I post, ”he added.

“And I, you know, can text him and let him know that if someone needs to talk to you, you know, just come to my house, I’ll make tea, I’ll make coffee and we can just sit down and you You can cry and you can be open and weak and you can actually tell me your feelings and they won’t, I won’t tell the world, you know. “

Amy says she was not surprised by her inability to approach Anna, as she is familiar with the cult-like environment around the dugouts.

Amy Dugar: A picture

“I just have no way of holding him,” Amy added.

“I think they must have taken some limits on his phone. I don’t know if they really can, I have no idea, but IBLP does.”

She believes that when Anna is asked if she has been brainwashed, Amy unequivocally answers that she does.

Josh Dugar's post-conviction mug shot

“Unfortunately, yes, I do. It breaks my heart.”

Amy says she wants nothing more than good for Anna and her children.

“I hope she’s OK. And I hope her kids are OK,” Amy said.

Duggar, Anna's picture

Amy has actually tagged Anna in several Instagram posts, but she believes they are less likely to reach their intended recipients.

“Anna, I feel for you. No woman wants to be in your shoes, “he wrote in one.

“You’ve faced an impossible decision, and you’re surrounded by the wrong kind of support.”

Josh Dugar and Anna Dugar

If she believes Anna Josh should be divorced, Anna responds positively again.

Anna said, “Only those who will be upset by your departure are willing to protect Josh and his privacy for the safety of you and your children.

“He’s in for a rude awakening,” Amy said of the possibility that Josh could be jailed for 20 years.

Amy Dugar at C-Through Top

“And if I were him I would be very, very, very scared.”

Josh is scheduled to be sentenced May 25.

We will have more updates on this evolving story as more information becomes available.

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