To investigate the gossip about Heather Locklayer’s alleged plastic surgery

Is Heather Locklayer Addicted to plastic surgery? Claimed a tabloid Dynasty The star doesn’t look like her nowadays. Let’s take a closer look at the new look of the actress.

Heather Lockler ‘starting to look really scary’?

This week’s edition National Investigator Heather Locklayer’s recent visit has raised fears for the actress’ health, the report said. The article mentions that Locklear can overcome his pill and alcohol addiction, but sources say that his new addiction is towards cosmetic fillers. “Her friends tell her she looks great without fillers and Botox and lip injections, but she won’t listen,” admits one insider.

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The outlet also consults with a plastic surgeon who has not treated Locklair. According to experts, the actress seems to have multiple filler injections. “Everyone thinks he’s giving up alcohol and pills. It’s great,” Tipster recalls. “Now they hope he’ll knock the fillers because he’s starting to look really scary.”

Friends are asking Lockler to do ‘Nix the Filler’?

This report is completely out of line. First of all, Heather Lockler herself is the only person with any kind of authority to talk about this. These anonymous “friends” from Locklear don’t just pass the smell test. Also, we blew up this tabloid in September to run the exact same description about Locklear, so we’re definitely not buying the latest version of it. And judging by what Lockler looked like during a recent outing with his fiance, No need to worry about his health.

And while we have no idea if Locklear still gets filler injections, it doesn’t matter. How he feels is calculated and according to Lockler, he is doing better than before. Locklear celebrated his 60th birthday last fall, he said People That old age no longer bothers him. “I always like to grow old because that means I’m alive,” he declared. “I am very grateful. I don’t really give a hoot. I don’t talk about what I look like. My parents still love me. My daughter loves me. “

More plastic surgery stories from the tabloids

Heather Locklear only get this treatment away from celebrities National Investigator. Last year, the outlet reported that Leh Remini was unrecognized after a “one ton cosmetic enhancement”. The magazine then claims that Denzel Washington’s face is breaking after a bad round of plastic surgery. And most recently, the publication complained that Courtney Cox looks like a zombie because of her extensive cosmetic treatment. Apparently, the Investigator The sole purpose of these stories is to insult the appearance of its content.

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