Toby from ‘This Is Us’ has starred in one of the most popular commercials ever

This is us The hit drama has created stars among the actors. Chris SullivanToby is one of those actors, but did you know that before he starred in a popular commercial? This is us?

In a recent interview IMDB show, Sullivan reveals his first big acting role. “This is not an official IMBd credit,” his interviewer began. “But you gave an animal voice in a Geiko ad.”

“Right,” Sullivan replied. “Giko camel.” Sullivan voiced the camel that appeared in a series of commercials for insurance companies that were notorious for being annoying. The most popular ads show the camel saying “Guess what day it is? Hunch!” And repeat “Mike, Mike, Mike” over and over again.

“I studied four years at Loyola Marymount University, I studied at Oxford, thousands of hours on stage,” the actor listed. “The thing that most people have seen in me is the Geico commercial. I love it. “

Although most know Sullivan from his role This is usThe actor had many roles such as popular shows and movies Guardians of the Galaxy Volume. 2, Stranger ThingsAnd Suppress your efforts.

Sullivan discusses the ending of ‘This We Are’

In an interview with Dr. Gold DerbyThe actor talks about what it is like to say goodbye to him This is us Opportunity to conduct an episode of the character and his popular show. “I was definitely grateful for the challenge,” Sullivan said of last season’s story. “It’s interesting to talk about taking a guy who was fairly clownish and transforming him into someone with real responsibility and some maturity.”

Sullivan also had the opportunity to conduct an episode, calling it “an incredible learning opportunity.” Went to talk about what This is us Addressing the cast, he said, “Being a part of Shore has been an honor to all of us. Not because of who we are as individuals, but because of this project which has accomplished a certain level of storytelling. It has the highest level of integrity, from the pilot to the end. ” This is usBut many will remember him forever as the voice of Zico the camel.

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