Tom Brady faces $ 650M divorce for NFL return if he doesn’t retire

Was Tom Brady And Gisele Bundchen On the verge of a 650 million divorce? A tabloid claims that the couple were on thin ice after Brady decided to retire from the NFL. Let’s take a look at the supermodel and her football-legendary husband.

‘Saved Marriage’ with Tom Brady Retirement?

This week, National Investigator Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen reportedly came to the brink of dangerous divorce after the NFL star returned to his retirement decision. “If Tom had his way, he would have played as long as his body allowed, but Giselle wanted him at home to play with her husband and father and save herself from a devastating injury,” an insider admits. “She has been on her way to retire for years, and this has put a huge strain on their marriage.”

Recently, Brady reportedly signed a huge $ 375 million deal with Fox Sports to become their top NFL analyst after retiring. So, now that Brady has officially arranged his career when he will finally retire from the NFL, the water is calm again for Brady and Bundchen. “It’s the first sign that Tom has finally got the message,” Tipster spread. “He hasn’t announced yet that he’s hanging his clits, but he and the network have quietly agreed that he will be exclusively fit for Fox next season.”

Did Brady save his marriage to Giselle?

This story is a little hard to refute because it has been sprinkled with information here and there. For example, it is true that Gisele Bundchen wanted to retire Tom Brady year after year. Bundchen hinted at this, and Brady acknowledged it directly. We don’t need the “interior” of the outlet to say we got it from the horse’s mouth.

But the outlet failed to acknowledge how helpful Bundchen had been to Brady all this time. “Giselle has been trying to get him to retire for years, but he is also one of the biggest cheerleaders. He would never have done it if he hadn’t been on board, “said a source People. “Everything they do is decided by the family.”

In addition, Brady hints People Although he is not ready to retire at the moment, he is definitely getting out of his way. “I know I don’t have much left, I really do. I know I’m at the end of my career, “Brady admits.” I hope you can go forever, but it’s not right and football costs too much now. My kids are getting older and these things are getting harder and harder to miss. “

And the outlet is right: Brady’s deal with Fox Sports is certainly a sign that he is getting closer and closer to his final game. But, we also need to make it clear that the magazine is not talking to anyone close to Brady or the Bundchen, and they were probably not on the verge of divorce. From what we can say, the couple’s marriage is strong, and Brady’s retirement has not changed that.

Tabloids on Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen

This is far from the first time National Investigator It was wrong about Brady and Bundchen. Until October, the outlet insisted that Brady and Bundchen were heading for divorce. The outlet doubled down on this story a month later, indicating that Bundchen and Brady would be ready for a 650 million fortune. And more recently, the publication claims that Bundchen is setting foot on Brady’s career-related health concerns. Apparently, the Investigator Brady and Bundchen have no real friends.

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