Tom Cruise allegedly denied by A-list actress that he tried to date, anonymously

Is Tom Cruise Lost in love? A report says he is recovering from an A-list rejection. Is Top gun: Maverick Is the star really nursing a broken heart? Gossip Cop Investigates

‘Friend Zone Travel’

According to National InvestigatorCruise has fallen hard for Lady Gaga. He apparently recently decided to shoot his shot and Gaga shot him. Gaga wrote the song “Hold My Hand” Top gun: Maverick. “Tom has always been a fan and reached out to Gaga personally to write the song,” said an insider. “It’s no wonder he made a huge crush on her after they worked together.”

Gaga is not only interested. She is still in love with her boyfriend, businessman Michael Polanski. Although Gaga did not fire Cruz completely, a source concluded, “He also knows that he can be a big help in his acting career!”

Stop Lady Gaga Tom Cruise?

Lady Gaga was already a superstar in the music industry, but A star was born In the movie scene, Gaga is pushed into the spotlight. She received an Academy Award nomination for the part and won one for her “Shallow” song.

Gaga starred last year Gucci’s house Which brought him more award nominations. He’s not ready to do anything right now because he’s on a worldwide stadium tour. It’s insulting that he’s leading Cruz for the role. Gaga is clearly doing well without anyone’s help.

There is no evidence that Cruz felt anything romantic towards Gaga. He praised her up and down Top gun: Maverick Press Tour, saying that his song “became the heartbeat of the movie … and I called him and said, ‘I don’t think you understand emotionally …’ I was very worried until I heard that part.”

Also, the actor doesn’t seem to be terribly interested in romance right now. In a recent interview, Cruz said directly Bella That he never takes leave. Considering he fired only two shots Impossible mission Film back-to-back and now on a worldwide press tour, it sounds almost right. This tabloid is trying to create a fake story from Gaga’s solo song He’s not single, and Cruz doesn’t seem interested.

There is history here

Considering what a huge star Tom Cruise is, it’s no wonder Investigator Regularly targets him. Last year, it was announced that Cruz was getting fat because Haley Atwell had dropped him. She looks the same for years now and that romance was not confirmed by either side in the first place.

Earlier, the tabloid claimed that he was dating Sophia Butella. It has gone so far that he will come to see her secretly in disguise, but there was no detail or evidence of it. Gossip Cop It also reveals the story of Cruz hoping to work with Reese Witherspoon to help get her career back on track. His career is going well and that collaboration has never happened. The Investigator There is no clue what it is talking about.

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