Tom Cruise allegedly insulted Nicole Kidman, allegedly renewed with bad blood

Is Tom Cruise And Nicole Kidman A fight? A tabloid claims that celebrities “hug each other”. Let’s check on this Ice wide shot Co-star

‘Bitter’ Tom Cruise ‘slaps’ Nicole Kidman?

This week’s edition Globe Things are tense between Tom Cruise and his ex-wife Nicole Kidman. During this year’s Cannes Film Festival, Cruz aired a video montage showcasing his decades-long career ahead of his much-anticipated time. Top gun: Maverick. But reports say Kidman has failed to make the cut despite starring in multiple films with Cruz. And while such boycotts would not usually be headlines, many of Cruz’s female co-stars, including his ex-girlfriend Penelope Cruz, appeared.

“It was a real kick in the teeth for Nicole but Tom couldn’t care less,” said an insider. “She did this very deliberately as a way to tell Nicole and the world that she has zero respect for her. It’s no secret that their comments about her and their marriage angered Tom, while most of his other ex kept a dignified silence!” However, sources said that the move could bite him.

Does Cruise have ‘Zero Respect’ for Kidman?

This report is just bizarre. First, Nicole Kidman would care why she was left out CruiseCareer highlight reel? The video was intended to celebrate the cruise and not anyone else. And since Cruise and Kidman’s marriage is still in the headlines, even though it ended 20 years ago, it’s entirely possible that anyone who puts the montage together just doesn’t want to be overwhelmed by the highlights of Cruz’s career as a reminder of his second marriage.

And of course, the magazine doesn’t mention that Cruz actually hugged Kidman in a question and answer session later in the day. In fielding a question about an intense dramatic scene Ice wide shotCruz replied, “We worked together to find the tone: [Stanley Kubrick]Nick and I. “Obviously, not all of Cruz Kidman’s reminders are hostile.

In fact, neither Kidman nor Cruz publicly spoke ill of each other. It is true that Kidman has opened his mouth about trapping young people in marriage. That being said, he never spoke badly about his character. And, surprisingly, the same goes for cruises. In fact, in 2005, Cruz spoke affectionately to his ex-wife. “I love Nick. Very. There is no question, ”he told an interviewer. “I want Nicole to be happy … that’s what I want.”

Despite the magazine’s efforts to invent a conflict between Cruz and Kidman, it is clear that there is no bad blood among the outsiders. The couple’s decision to divorce appears to have been reciprocal and they are happier about it, but the discussion about Cruz’s “zero respect” for Kidman is completely out of line.

The tabloid on Tom Cruise

Of course, no surprises come from this report Globe. Last year, the outlet reported that Cruz was “terrible” for dating again. The magazine then claimed that Cruz was planning to propose to him after meeting him on Haley Atwell’s set. Mission: Impossible 6. And more recently, the publication complained that Cruz was too unrecognizable after Botox. Apparently, the Globe Tom Cruise has no idea what’s going on in his life.

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