Tom Cruise is accused of wearing shoes raised at the ‘Top Gun’ premiere

Kate Middleton And Tom Cruise Appearing together at the Top Song Premiere in London, where Prince William Also present were new rumors that the infamous little American actor was secretly wearing a lift in his shoes. A British tabloid noted that the cruise seemed to be about the same height as the Duchess of Cambridge, although she wore heels and was already at least two inches taller than him. We have seen the photos and can explain what is really happening

Did Tom Cruise wear shoes at the ‘Top Gun’ premiere?

Hollywood royal family Tom Cruise Caused a stir when he attended the London premiere Top gun: Maverick The actual royalty goes to Prince William and Kate Middleton as well. Cruz’s interaction with Middleton, in particular, sparked renewed interest in a particularly persistent rumor. Impossible mission Actor

It has long been rumored that Cruise, who is famous for his short ends at 5’7 “, wears a lift in his shoes to look taller. The Mirror has published a report stating that Cruz looked almost as tall as Middleton, although the Duchess was about 5’9 “and wore high heels for the red carpet ceremony.

Cheek to chic standing with Kate Middleton

In several photos provided by the outlet, the Cruise appeared to be only an inch or two smaller than Middleton, but there was a reason it had nothing to do with the shoe. It is rather a strategy of angles and perspectives that makes Cruz look as if he were almost face-to-face with tall Middleton.

LONDON, England – May 19: Catherine was with the Duchess of Cambridge star actor Tom Cruise when she arrived in London, England on May 19, 2022 for the Royal Film Performance “Top Song: Maverick” at Odeon Leicester Square. (Photo by Dan Kitwood / Getty Images)

If you look at the other photos of the event, which were taken close to the subject and from a more simple point of view, you will see that the difference in height between the two is very clear. From right angles and distances, heights can be seen very differently from on-camera in real life, a technique Cruise knows very well.

More honest pictures of Cruz and the Duchess

LONDON, England – May 19: (LR) Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Tom Cruise attended the UK premiere of “Top Gun: Maverick” at Leicester Square on May 19, 2022 in London and the Royal Film Performance. England. (Photo by Jeff Spicer / Getty Images)

As a short actor, Tom Cruise has long used common acting methods such as the Sully Box when filming scenes with coasters of various heights. Not all actors come in one shape, which can make it difficult for the camera person to fit them all into one frame.

To make things easier, shorter actors like Cruz often jump into literally wooden boxes, sometimes referred to as “apple boxes” to bridge the gap a little further. Tall actors often lean towards something to make sure they fit the shot. It’s one of the oldest strategies in Hollywood, but that doesn’t mean it’s a strategy that Cruz uses in his personal life or at red carpet events, especially not.

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