Tom Cruise is reportedly planning to leave Scientology

Is Tom Cruise Working to free himself from Scientology to establish a relationship with his daughter, Suri? A tabloid claims that Cruz is planning to reunite with his daughter after being separated for the past 10 years. Let’s examine the controversial actor.

Tom Cruise ‘Make Up for Lost Time’?

This week, New ideas Report Tom Cruise wants to reunite with Suri. Cruise has not been photographed with his daughter since divorcing Katie Holmes in 2012. Most fans have come to the conclusion that Cruz’s belief in the controversial Church of Scientology prevented him from having an affair with his teenage daughter. But, according to the tabloids, the actor is “seriously considering” reuniting with Suri, turning to the church. “Church beliefs indicate that those with defects should be cut off, and so Tom and Suri rarely see each other,” one insider explained.

But as Cruz approached his 60th birthday, he “realized that if he didn’t repair the fence with Suri, he was going to have a big time regretting it,” Tipster revealed. Sources say Holmes will not let Cruz go anywhere near Surrey unless he leaves Scientology behind. “If Tom actually leaves Scientology, it will be a big shock for the church because he is their number one ticket holder. But it will be a blessing for her personal and professional life, “Snitch whispered.

“It will not only open the door for him to reunite with Suri, but it will also be a huge relief for the studio executives who still love him as a bankable star but are always afraid that his religion will drive people away.” Even at his age, he is still a true action hero, and he is relevant enough to be invited to the Havanab with the royals. Quitting Scientology might be the best thing Tom can do. “

Is Tom Cruise Really Leaving Scientology?

Let’s really break all the tabloid claims in this story. The first and biggest claim is that Cruz wants to reunite with Suri because he is about 60 years old But then the article split, and Cruz had to leave Scientology for two different reasons. First, the outlet acknowledges that Scientology prohibits Cruz from having any public relations with those who leave the church. But the source added that Holmes claims to have left Cruz. And last but not least, the outlet suggests that Cruz also wants to leave Scientology because it will extend his career.

If Cruz really wanted to have a public relationship with Suri, he would probably have to leave the church because Holmes never stood in the way of their reunion. According to Holmes and Cruz’s custody agreement, Cruz is legally able to see his daughter whenever he chooses. The point is he Chooses No, probably because of his relationship with Scientology.

And finally, Cruz is not leaving religion to help his career. While her relationship with Scientology is undoubtedly the most controversial of hers, it certainly did not deter her from landing as a star. He still faces like a franchise Top gun And Impossible mission, The former of which has just set a box office record after its Memorial Day weekend release. If he wants to leave Scientology, we doubt it will be because he is struggling to find work.

At the end of the day, Cruz doesn’t seem to be leaving the church. He is still one of the most high-profile members of the religion, and although he has not spoken much about it in public these days, he has not condemned it in any way. And considering her two adult children, Connor and Ella, still dedicated members of the church, we suspect that she would risk her relationship with them by leaving.

The tabloid on Tom Cruise

We know better than to believe anything New ideas Said about Tom Cruise. Last year, the magazine reported that Cruz was planning to propose his Mission: Impossible co-star Hailey Atwell. The tabloid then claimed that Cruz wanted to buy Suri a $ 90K birthday present but Holmes shot him. And most recently, the publication complained that Cruz was reuniting with Suri after being separated for the past ten years. Obviously, New ideas There is really no inside scoop about Cruz’s personal life.

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