Tom Cruise is reportedly working to avoid ‘not being able to date in 10 years’

Is Tom Cruise Deeply alone? A report states that Katie has not been on a date since her breakup. Gossip Cop Investigates

‘Tom’s Lonely World’

Per In contactIts premiere Top gun: Maverick Cruz is a vivid reminder of where his love life is. Accompanied by co-stars Jennifer Connelly and Miles Taylor, Cruz left without a date. It is learned that he has not visited any of them in ten years.

“Tom is one of the biggest stars in the world and he can have any woman he wants, but he insists on being alone,” said a source. Cruz apparently tells his friends that he’s been ten years without a date because Holmes “has broken his heart, so he’s avoided romance ever since ৷ the one behind that big, bright smile that’s very lonely,” an insider reveals.

In her high profile breakup with Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman and Holmes, Cruz is presumably determined not to be publicly insulted in this way. To fulfill his lonely life, Cruz worked himself to the bone. One source concludes, “Tom needs true love in his life again. He just has to put himself out there and believe that he will never be burned again.

Elephants in Tom Cruise’s room

You can’t talk about Tom Cruise’s personal life without mentioning his membership in the Church of Scientology. His life with the church is not open to the public. Gossip Cop Cruz highlights that he is not an ordinary celebrity: his privacy is even more extreme.

The story goes as far as quoting what Cruz is saying to his friends. Its friends Magnolia The star wouldn’t betray him to such a tabloid, but that’s the only part of the problem. For this In contact For the story to be true, it must effectively have a source embedded in the Church of Scientology. If not In contact With genuine news sources like the BBC or Al Jazeera ahead on the streets, that’s not right.

Although Cruz has not been seen on a date in or around the city, he is rarely seen doing much around the city. Recently rumors spread about dating him Impossible mission Co-star Hayley Atwell, but those fizzled out. Since he has been married three times, there is nothing to say that he would not agree to try again.

Looking at the track record

Let’s look at something else In contact The story about Tom Cruise, what are we? In 2019, he boldly announced that he was leaving Scientology to reconnect with Suri Cruz. He did not. The following year he planned a bombshell interview with Howard Stern to blow the lid off Scientology, but he didn’t.

In October, it was claimed that Cruz was addicted to Botox and gained a ton of weight. Her recent photos in the ear do not make her look overweight or unfamiliar. With this bad track record, we can’t buy a word about this tabloid cruise. Whether he’s dating or not, this outlet continues to show that it’s unbelievable.

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