Tosha Jones, the former Sister’s wife star, flaunted her “coveted curves”

Tosha Jones is no longer a reality TV star.

But that doesn’t mean he can’t do one Impressions On reality TV fans.

The trio’s stepmother appeared on Seeking Sister’s Wife last year in a controversial TLC series with Sidian.

She was different from the other women in the program because Tosha was actually a real sister-in-law, attending Sedian’s previous marriage when he and his then-wife wanted to expand their immediate family …

Photo by Tosha Jones

… and then the last woman stood up, so to speak.

He and Sidian spent their time in Season 3 trying to find their third partner, only to finish their race on the show as a double. They never settled with their own sister’s wife.

The couple was not asked to return for Seeking Sister Wife Season 4, which premiered on June 10.

But that doesn’t mean they’ve made headlines.

Tosha Jones bikini photo

On Sunday, Tosha uploaded a trio of new photos on her Instagram page.

Each star was shown in a bikini and each was apparently posted with a purpose.

“You know I have the perfect summer body for me,” Jones wrote to open an inspirational caption.

“It’s mine and I love it! I love my smile, my squishy beats, my cute curves, the parts that pierce more than that and the dimples on my cheeks.”

Tosha Jones photo

Tosha continues along this same line:

“I was satisfied with my weight and appearance and really always was. Of course I could always be fit but I would never give up my mental space if or when I could.

“And I will always wear what makes me happy on the beach, even if it means blinding everyone with three coats of sunscreen on my white winter belly.

“I love myself … just like I am every day.”

Tosha Jones photo

After Seeking Sister Wife Season 3 ended, Jones ran into some hot water because we found out he had a criminal history.

At one point, Tosha was arrested for theft.

But he fulfilled the conditions of his trial and the charge was eventually dismissed.

tosha curve

Tosha has been out of trouble ever since, and now her body should be commended for positive posts and messages over the weekend.

He concluded:

“I will grow up at my own pace and be fit whenever I want.

“But this summer I’m proudly wearing my coveted curve and it definitely looks good.”

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