Tragic rumors claim Tucker Carlson is apparently ‘breaking the fiber’

Is Money CarlsonWorried about her recent weight gain in her inner circle? A tabloid claims that the popular scholar is “looking for comfort without bread.” Here’s what we know.

Tucker Carlson ‘manages stress with eighteen’?

This week, National Investigator Tucker Carlson is feeling the heat in his job and he’s dealing with an uncontrolled portion of junk food. One insider admits, “She looks ugly and dirty and no amount of contouring makeup or camera angle can hide it.” “He likes to keep his weight around 190 pounds and he’s even got as low as 180, but he’s over 200 now and his weight is just increasing.”

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And sources say Carlson’s latest controversy is putting pressure on him. “Money is full of adventure while the camera is on but personally, he’s using carbohydrates to adapt,” Tipster recalls. “He’s rolling over mashed potatoes and spaghetti and meatballs. She’s stressed out and it’s scary! ” The formula goes on: “Before the sun rises he fills his mouth with sugary foods. She’s swollen and swollen and it’s getting worse!

Carlson ‘stuff his mouth’ first thing?

Here’s the thing: getting involved in the money Carlson debate is nothing new. Popular scholars continue to attract so many visitors Because It takes a divider. So, we seriously suspect that he put too much pressure on the recent response. And even if he feels the excitement, we have no reason to believe that the only way to deal with it would be to eat sweets. It’s a story as old as the tabloids and we have no reason to believe it.

There are many things that anyone can criticize Carlson for-and rest assured, his critics don’t shy away. But it is pointless to ridicule him for his weight and it sets a bad precedent. And, despite his checkered public image and projected weight gain, Carlson still tops the network news food chain. So, such reports are just body-shaming for body-shaming and we are not here for that.

More weight crises from tabloids

This is far from the first time National Investigator This schtick has been run. Last year, the outlet reported that Vin Diesel’s loved ones were worried about his “exploding waistline”. The magazine then claims that Nguyen Stephanie was worried about “Atamoy” Blake Shelton. The publication further alleges that “lots of monks” Jack Nicholson is giving birth to health fears. And most recently, the tabloid insisted that George Clooney had left. Apparently, the Investigator Celebrities love to be ashamed the moment they wear a few pounds.

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