Tucker Carlson allegedly refuses to allow Chris Wallace to rejoin Fox after CNN +

Is Money Carlson Watching the Fox News gate? A tabloid claim Chris Wallace It wants to rejoin its old network after its latest venture crashed and burned out This is the latest network news gossip.

Chris Wallace ‘At Sea’ after ‘CNN + Fiasco’?

This week, National Investigator Chris Wallace wants to rejoin Fox News after CNN plugged in its failed streaming service, CNN +. Now, Wallace is apparently “crawling on his hands and knees” to Fox despite a network stabbing earlier this year. “It’s a classic case of Chris who thought the grass was going to turn greener, but his bad judgment and huge arrogance cost him a fortune and made him a laughing stock,” an insider spread.

The word is that he is already begging to get his old job back but Shawn Hannity, Tucker Carlson and the rest of the Fox gang will let him rot and it will serve as a warning to other rats who want to jump on the ship! But then the tabloid twists his story, instead suggesting that Wallace is claiming it on CNN. “It’s embarrassing and annoying to Chris. He was the face of the new streaming service and now the face of this catastrophe, and he’s demanding that CNN fix it,” Tipster Dish said. “He wants Chris Cuomo’s old timeslot on CNN. He is not ready to end his career like this! ”

Chris Wallace ‘begging to get his old job back’?

This report is completely false. First, even if Wallace was completely out of work, he would probably stand on his own two feet. Wallace is a seasoned and respected journalist, and if CNN doesn’t make room for him, other networks will. That’s what Wallace said in an interview USA Today: “I’m in good shape, be it CNN or anywhere else… to be honest, I’m most worried about that right now, and a lot, my team and hundreds of others because there were 300 people, I think a job at CNN +. “

Moreover, there is speculation that Wallace is moving his operation to HBO Max, which will certainly avoid the tabloid-created job search drama. But if Wallace was struggling to find another network, it doesn’t look like he’ll be back to Fox anytime soon. Just a few months ago, Wallace revealed that he “no longer feels comfortable programming on Fox” and that he has “spent a lot of 2021 to see if there is any separate place to look at it.” [him] To do [his] Jobs. “Obviously, Wallace left Fox for a reason and has no desire to look back.

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This is far from the first National Investigator Invented exaggerated or direct drama for Fox News. Earlier this year, the publication complained that Tucker Carlson was forcing the anchors to quit their jobs. The magazine then claimed that Shawn Hannity feared a “rising star” on the network. And most recently, the outlet reported that Geraldo Rivera was embroiled in a “superior dispute” with Carlson. Apparently, the Investigator Network drama is not really in the loop.

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