Twitter has roasted Matt Damon over a controversial commercial

Cryptocurrency, a digital form of currency that is not monitored by the government, has been the source of much controversy since its inception in 2008. Currently, the value of cryptocurrency is declining. Bitcoin is at its lowest market price in five years. People are crying Matt Damon Because. The reason is here.

The fate of Matt Damon

In October 2021, released a new ad starring Daemon. The Goodwill The star says history is full of people who have almost achieved. Standing by the portrait of the inventors, Damon says that some pioneers “calmed their minds and steeled their nerves with four simple words whispered by the fearless from Roman times: steel of fortune supports the brave.”

The ad was an instant flop, with YouTube likes below 75%. It was a very serious commercial advocacy for investment under the auspices of innovation. Reddit was a field day. South Park Not too long after that it shines commercially. “My dad said he heard about Matt Damon and lost all his money,” Clyde told a Rating Cartman.

Then the market crashed

Since we sat down in mid-May, Bitcoin has crashed. NFTs have decreased significantly and show no signs of stopping. As one would expect, Twitter unloaded Damon to support the industry. One critic noted that people who listened to Damon and invested $ 1,000 now dropped to $ 554.

Gregory Brothers, who you may remember from Autotune the News, used a clip from Interstellar To make their point.

New York Times Writer Dave Itzkoff mentions another Damon movie in his adoption.

Damon was not the only celebrity shilling crypto before this crash. Larry David and LeBron James both starred in the Super Bowl commercial. Steff Curry is currently starring in NFT commercials However, Damon’s ad seems to be the most ticked on the internet.

How does Matt Damon feel about all this?

You can never reasonably expect Damon to apologize for approving a product. The closest explanation we heard came from Jimmy Kimmel. In the guise of a barber, Kimmel reveals that Damon did the ad not for profit, but to donate to his charity

This makes it a bit easier to swallow the whole ordeal, but Twitter is still going to be Twitter. Daemon helps to legitimize investments by promoting crypto and does not pay for that investment. Only time will tell whether prices will rise to the moon.

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