Valerie Bartinelli’s alleged ‘gargling’ after disorderly divorce, according to suspicious sources

Is Valeria Bartinelli Weight gain at an alarming rate? A report states that she was dealing with her divorce by “roaring” herself. At first glance, this may seem like a clear fat-shame story designed to insult Bartenelli during an attempt. Gossip Cop Investigate if it has anything.

‘Chef Valerie’s Divorce Disaster Recipe’

According to National Investigator, Bertinelli is now suffering from the fact that her marriage to Tom Vital has ended. The death of her first husband, Eddie Van Helen, made matters worse. Insiders say she weighs up to 205 pounds: “She’s not from a party, but she’s coping with stress by eating and she’s got her best – again!”

Vitaly’s marriage ended when Bartenelli realized how ill Van Helen was. “After he buried Eddie, he knew he had lost both of them,” said a source, “and that’s when he sought comfort in food.” A doctor who did not treat Bartenelli warned against gaining weight: “She is about to have a heart attack, and all the yo-yo dieting will make it harder for her to lose weight again!”

Body pictures of Valerie Bartinelli

In a recent interview ET, Bertinelli opened up about her struggle with her body image. He calls it a “very toxic relationship” and I think it’s never fair to judge your size. He was taught at an early age that “he was disliked when I gained weight – and this is a lie. It is a lie that we all have learned or many of us have learned and we have to get it out of us. We are all dear to ourselves and to ourselves.”

Bartenelli is very open about his struggles. “I was just fine,” he said [have] Such a difficult relationship with food and I am not going to do it anymore. It started as love and now it is back in love again. Looks like he’s finally in a good place despite all the pressure.

The Investigator Cruel it feeds into all the toxic values ​​that are railing against Bartenelli. The doctors quoted in this story have never treated Bartinelli so they are speculating openly and dangerously. That being said, they are simply saying: heart disease is bad and dangerous. Not at all. Also, it is impossible for this outlet to have its exact weight drop to three significant figures unless it weighs its own. It’s all hogwash.

Everyone is in crisis

Every week another celebrity is gaining dangerous amounts of weight. The Investigator Everyone from Kirsten Dunst to Jimmy Fallon has teased for their body shape. Throw in Jessica Simpson and Pamela Anderson for good measure. It’s just a trap and nothing more.

Bartenelli is now mentally healthier than ever. Her relationship with her body and food sounds happy at last. There is absolutely no merit in this story.

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