Valerie Bartinelli’s love affair with ex has led to divorce, sources claim

Did Valerie Bartinelli Due to divorce Eddie Van Helen? A report says Hot in Cleveland The star never stopped loving Van Helen and left Tom Vitale Because of this. Gossip Cop Investigates

‘Valerie throws her husband away for good’

According to Earth, Bartenelli got divorced because he is obsessed with the memory of Van Helen. A source said Bartenelli and Vitaly were “separated and everyone, including the eyes and ears, knew it was because of Eddie. He was always with them and still is … Valerie doesn’t want to let it go.”

Shortly after Bartenelli and Vital’s breakup, Van Helen died of cancer. “He took a part of her with him,” a source said. “It caused problems between him and Tom, who couldn’t keep up with his predecessor.” Van Helen always came in front of Vital, and as a result the marriage could not continue.

Valerie Bartinelli on love

Bartenley does not allow the outlet to exploit Van Helen’s death in this way due to filing for divorce. Should Bartenelli be free to mourn the death of a loved one, it does not return to bite him with such a dirty story.

In an interview with Dr. Today, Bartenelli said he never stopped loving Van Helen. He was by her side in her battle with cancer. “I am just happy to be here. If only I had been here. “

Bartenelli further states that he believes in multiple soul mates. He quoted his son Wolfgang as a soul mate: “When I think of the soul mate, I think of the soul that comes here to experience this life on earth again and to reach a higher place … I know, of course, that It was part of Ed. I loved his soul. “

With that in mind, it is possible that Bartenelli loved both Van Helen and Vitaly at the same time. In fact, that’s pretty obvious. It is possible to love more than one person at a time. One does not need to crush the other. While it is possible that Van Halen Bartinelli had a reason for the divorce, the reality seems much more general.

Where is the evidence?

Official court documents only list “inconsistent differences” as the reason for their separation. Bartenelli filed for divorce in May, but the two have been separated for some time. The whole story is nothing more than speculation that neither Vitaly nor Bartenley mentions Van Helen as a source of contention.

Bad romance

The Globe Regularly uses exes in his fake stories. At various times, it has been claimed that Reba McAntiere was still in love with her ex-boyfriends Anthony Lassujo and Kenny Rogers. He and Rex Lin are still getting stronger. It was announced that Kirsty Ally is still in love with John Travolta. Stories like these make good gossip, but they have no evidence to back them up.

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