Viral ‘simple’ math problems are causing serious divisions

My hands started to sweat when I saw the headline above in my work list. My heartbeat increased and there was a feeling of deep panic in my soul. I had a real physical reaction to the word “math”. At school, it was something that bothered me a lot and obviously, it didn’t stop.

However, I was determined to solve this “simple” viral math problem. Which, invisible, may be a higher goal.

But, to be honest, the math problem was not a very difficult one. I love to see so many math teachers I didn’t even have to “show off my work”. I could do it all in my head, and it made me feel pretty dizzy. However, after taking a deep dive into the sequence of operations, I can be more confused than when I started.

So what’s the problem? 8 ÷ 2 (2 + 2). This little equation that is causing this kind of fuss on social media platforms and creating rifts among people from all walks of life.

On Twitter, where it all started, some users claiming to have a math degree say an answer. Many commenters are annoyed (or say they have lost all hope of humanity) because people get different answers. Did you get

All about the operation order

The division is clear. People usually come up with a solution of either 1 or 16. Let’s break it down to see How You will get both answers.

I’m at camp. I dug deep into my brain and Type I remember the algebra class many years ago. So, this is my disclaimer: I have never claimed to be a Matthew. But, then I quickly came up with the answer to “1”. I was so excited that I figured it out and so on Easily. I mean, I must be a math whistleblower.

Then, I consulted with my husband and to my surprise, he came back with an answer of “16”. I wasn’t feeling so dizzy anymore. I approached it the way I was taught, PEMDAS. Meaning: parentheses, index, multiplication, division, addition, subtraction. In her OrderWithout addition and subtraction, which will be dealt with from left to right.

Okay, it looks like another camp … no. These clowns think that multiplication and division are given equal importance and you will do what comes first from left to right. Okay, they probably are No. Joker it Definitely Maybe I was taught wrong and the answer could actually be 16.

So, is it 1 or 16?

I guess that’s the final question. My husband texted me 16, but then when I answered “16 ?!” He returned with an answer of 1, saying that he had forgotten the sequence of operations at first.

After that, I consulted with my brother-in-law, the engineer. He also came up with the answer to 1. My sister was next; He is always good at math. He also came up with the answer of 1.

The The majority The ones I asked (and one) Online poll) Agreed that the answer is 1, and that’s good enough for me, at least for now.

However, several online forums and YouTube channel 16 get the answer. Honestly, I can’t think about it anymore and it seems like there’s a high probability that I’ve been taught wrong. Feel free to hash it out in the comments if you feel the need!

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