Viral tweet claims that Nicole Kidman is bisexual, dated Naomi Watts, is not true

This has been claimed in a viral tweet Nicole Kidman একটি came out as a bisexual during an appearance on a podcast The tweet further claims that the Australian actress had a previous love affair with a British actress. Naomi Watts, But there is something uncomfortable about the claim. We looked at the rumors to see if we could find the podcast that got this so-called outing. What we have found here is that this is a completely baseless rumor.

Viral rumors target Nicole Kidman

A Twitter user has claimed that actress Nicole Kidman came out as bisexual and also revealed that she had previously dated Naomi Watts. The user, who appears to be a Cate Blanchett fan account, has not been verified and has no personal information in their bio, only a reference to a Taylor Swift song.

The tweet itself simply reads, “Nicole Kidman came out as bisexual and had a romantic relationship with Noam Watts ?????”

Verified and no evidence

A little different user at the bottom of the posted thread A screenshot of a paragraph that has been readNicole Kidman was on our podcast recently and she revealed some amazing information. The actress was previously romantically involved with co-actress Naomi Watts. They haven’t been dating for a long time, but Nicole admits that she’s a proud bisexual woman. ”

There is much to doubt when it comes to this claim. First, Nicole Kidman never hinted at having sex other than straight. No publications are listed. In fact, the podcast in which Kidman announced the grand was not even named You would think that having such a big news break in your podcast would at least confirm it with its name.

Speaking of that short paragraph, isn’t that weird? It reads almost as if the person who wrote it could not speak English as a first language, or perhaps they were not as great as a writer.

Zero proof this rumor is real

So what evidence do we have behind this claim? A single, unexpected, and poorly written paragraph. Although many people seem to be excited about this rumor on social media, there is no hard truth behind it. The timing is highly questionable as it was originally posted the day before Pride Month began. While this may seem like a perfect coincidence, some tell us that it was just a wishful thinking part of the original poster.

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