We might be looking at Courtney Kardashian / Travis Barker Wedding!

Hello! This is me, your fearless celebrity wedding correspondent! And I’m back with the top set of weddings, (a) Dolls and Gabbana-sponsors – in different ways; It was literally held in their Italian villa – the union of Courtney Kardashian and Travis Barker. People There is the whole scoop; Vogue has taken it more fashion-centric. I, personally, am quite agnostic about Kardashians (although I think people react negatively to them by shaking their knees which is not always certain) but I do like a kind of Courtney and I have a soft spot for her and Travis who really feel Wildly into each other. Travis has gone through a lot.

The best photos, of course, from the bride’s own Instagram:

This is a very interesting and beautiful screen; If I understand correctly, Travis has a tattoo of a similar image of the Virgin Mary. (I kept reading that Courtney’s veil was inspired by her tattoo and I’m sure it was, but that phrase always comes to my mind as Travis is the creative ancestor of that image, which of course she is not.)

I admire Courtney’s little “November Rain” outfit, but to be honest, Travis’s suit is far less important to me here. He’s great to look at.

PS: Please let me know when someone writes a reported part on the financial ins-and-outs of this D&G / Kardashian relationship. I think the discussion played out like a cut-for-time D-plot last season Inheritance.

[Photos: Shutterstock,  NINO/GC Images]

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